Part 1900 – Sharing Gossip With An Unconscious Woman.

“And here we are.” Jeff said. “Back to our original setting: me, you, and Raven. I’m here standing next to you. You’re unconscious. Raven is unconscious too.”

He watched Missy’s calm, easy breathing and swallowed hard. “Ambrose and Robin have gone home. They were pretty knocked out exhausted, but what else can you expect from a vampire during the day? So, yeah. They’re gone. LM and Maelin are gone. They’re hunting Robin down. He needs to rescue the fey love of his life. Sorry. I didn’t mean to come off as harsh or uncaring. It’s just kind of strange to me.” He chuckled. “It sounds like a tabloid headline – ‘Vampire finds love with fey’. How does that even happen?”

He took Missy’s hand and held it. “I guess I know how it happened. Maelin told me all about it. It’s just weird. Anyway, Hildreth and Elsie have left too.”

Jeff frowned as he remembered what Ambrose told him. “Elsie.”

She’s so fierce. So unlike Laura.

“Elsie is beautiful. I can’t deny it. I totally get why Hildreth fell so hard for her. Any man would.”

Would I?

Have I?

“But what does it matter if I have or haven’t? She’s getting married to Hildreth. They love each other. They belong together.”

So, why does it hurt to say that out loud?

“It doesn’t matter. I am not going to break them up. I can’t do that to the dweeb. He deserves this happiness. He’s earned it.”

Jeff sighed. “I’m babbling, aren’t I? Sorry. But it feels good to get this all out of my head. If you were conscious, if you were awake and well, I would still tell you all of this. It would be a little awkward, I guess, but I’d still tell you.” He paused. “How many of my words are getting through to you? How many do you hear? Can you hear any of them? Can you hear my voice? Can you still remember the sound of it?”

He sighed again. “In other news, Hildreth thinks I should become an active hunter again. Don’t worry. I’m not going to just suit up and run out onto the streets. I would do some training with the dweeb first to make sure that I still have what it takes.” Butterflies occupied a large percentage of his stomach and they were all in motion. “It scares me and yet. Yet, the thought of being a hunter again…It does something to me. I can’t explain it. It’s something inside my bones, inside my blood. Something I want. Something I need. Something I was always meant to do.”

He waited for some sort of reaction from her.

Of course, there was none.

“What do you think? Do you think your old man can still hack it? Or stake it? Or whatever? I think I can, but I’m scared. As much as I want this, I’m scared. Scared of freezing up. Of losing control. Scared of finding out that…that I was wrong. That I’m not ready. That going back is the worst mistake I’ll ever make. It might even be my last mistake and I’d leave you alone. I know. I know. You’re not alone. You have Ambrose and Robin and Raven on your side. They keep you safe for me. Especially Raven.”

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

The nurse entered with her rolling computer. “Hello! I’m here to take Tessa’s vitals.”

He nodded and backed out of the way.

As the nurse did her vital taking stuff, Jeff’s thoughts took an unexpected turn.

My daughter is no longer a little girl. She’s twenty-three years old. I don’t stand a chance. Even if Hildreth weren’t around, Elsie wouldn’t look at me twice. I don’t know how old she is and it isn’t exactly a normal question to ask. But she wouldn’t see me. Me with my premature white hair. Me with all of my single dad worries. Why would she even look at me?

“It doesn’t matter. She has Hildreth and he has her. And I’m fine with that.”

“Okay! All done here!” The nurse smiled at him. “Do you have any questions?”

He shook his head. “I’m good.”

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