Part 1876 – Lost Control

If only I could touch him and take away some of his hurt. But it would be just a temporary fix.

There’s only one true solution.

“I love you, Jay. You are good and loving and decent and wonderful.”

“Love you too.” Jay said.

I need to feel the heat of his skin.

I need to kiss away his pain and tears.

I want to wrap my arms around his neck and whisper in his ear, “I’m here. I’m home and I’m here to stay.” And I’d stay forever with him.

“I’ll come home as soon as I find Robin. I promise. Kiss Isellta for me.”

“I will. Mae, can’t we just gather him up and run away somewhere? Can’t we take him someplace nice, like a picnic at the beach or a random trip to a Swarovski jewelry store? Oh, can’t you just see how he’d react to a place like that?” He laughed, but it wasn’t a happy sound. “I don’t think he’d be able to talk.”

She teared up.

“I’d have to tell him to keep his wings under control. Those stores aren’t that wide. They apparently weren’t designed to accommodate a normal fey’s wingspan. Which is. Which.”

She blinked and her tears fell. “Which is a shame.”


She rubbed her tears away. “Tell Isellta that I’ll come home as soon as I can. I promise. I will come home. And I will bring Robin with me. Tell Isellta to hold on. Tell him to wait for me, for us.”

“I will. I love you so much, Mae. I do.”

“I love you too, sweetheart.”

I want to keep him on the line. I want to listen to him talk about the most ridiculous nothings. I want to hear him laugh, really laugh, before I let him go.

“I’m gonna let you go, Mae. Love you. Bye.”

“Bye.” She reluctantly ended the call.


Jay put his phone away and laid next to Isellta. “Hey, kid. I’m here.” He spread his hand on Isellta’s chest. “Keep breathing. Don’t stop. Robin will come. Don’t die, kid. Just keep breathing.”


The nae bi sha spread his hands on Isellta’s bare chest.

Little fey.

Such a lovely little fey.

A sticky line of drool escaped the corner of the creature’s mouth. It landed in between Isellta’s breasts.

The nae bi sha didn’t hesitate. He licked it up.

Isellta’s faint scent rushed into his head, filling it and flooding it.

His stomach went into a full uproar. And he lost control. He opened his mouth wide, baring his sharp teeth, and lunged at Isellta’s left breast. He dug his teeth into the fey’s skin. His mouth watered.

Isellta grunted and slowly opened his eyes. “Ro…Rob…in?” His magic glowed a soft white inside his palms. “Who? Who’s…there?”

The nae bi sha did some fast thinking, calculating the odds of Isellta actually using his magic while in such a weakened state.

His magic manifested above each finger in whorls of white.

The odds are not in my favor.

He’ll kill me.

I know he’ll kill me.

He reluctantly released Isellta. “It’s just me, my pretty little fey.”

Isellta winced. His breath staggered out of him. His eyes dulled.

He didn’t breathe.

His magic flickered and faded to near darkness.

The nae bi sha’s eyes brightened with hope.

Is this it?

Is this his last breath?

Are you finally all mine, little fey?

Isellta inhaled.

And his magic flared back to its normal brightness.

The nae bi sha shied away from the light.

I can’t do anything.

Not yet.

“It’s okay, Isellta. You have nothing to be afraid of. It’s just me, Robin Hastings. You’re safe with me.”

Isellta’s magic disappeared as he smiled into the dark. “My Robin.”

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