Part 1868 – Robin And Hildreth Are Thinking Way Too Much.

“Come with me. Robin, come with me. I need you to come with me now. It’s urgent….you need to come now. He needs you to come right now.”

Robin yawned.

I don’t get what she was bein’ so freakin’ pushy about. It ain’t like I ain’t comin’.

But what if he’s hurt? What if he’s sick or dyin’? That would explain why she’s bein’ so demandin’.

Maybe I shoulda gone with her. I would have seen him again.

My ‘sellta.

Robin snapped out of his thoughts to tell Elsie, “Turn left here.”

But I’m so tired.

He leaned his head back against the head rest.

What good would it’ve done if I had gone with her? I’d be just like Raven, slippin’ and fallin’ all o’er the place. Unable to have a single freakin’ conversation with him.


I’d see him.

I’d see him with no barriers. I’d be able to talk to him. Real time, face-to-face, in real life talk to him.

How long’s it been since I’ve been able to do that?

Robin raised his head and squinted. “Keep on goin’ straight.”

Why’d I waste all our time together with me bein’ angry and mean to him? Stupid idiot me. I shoulda known our time was limited.

I shoulda known he’d leave me.


If I’m good to him.

If I show him every day I love him, will he stay? Will he wanna stay with me?

“Which house is it?” Elsie’s voice smashed through his ruminations.

“It’s the one in the middle.” He pointed. “That one. There. The one with the front porch.” He leaned his head back again.

It’s gonna feel so good to be lyin’ in bed again.


Hildreth’s thoughts twisted and turned into tornados and hurricanes of words. So many words.

One thought came forward and shocked the rest into a dull night’s wind.

I’m vulnerable right now.

That vampire could manipulate me, make me jump out of the car while it’s still moving, or make me do so many other things.

And what about Elsie and that other vampire?

He could manipulate her into crashing the car.

Which would be incredibly stupid. Elsie’s driving him home. What would he hope to gain by crashing the car?

But Elsie and I are active hunters.

Maybe they want to get us out of the way.

Ambrose moaned in his sleep and muttered something in French.

Again, it would be a stupid thing for them to do. If they kill us, who’s going to drive them home? Unless that’s part of the plan.

Robin huffed out an irritated sigh.

We take them home. Carry them inside. Then, once they’re safe in their own domain—-

“Darnation! Don’t you ever shut the freakin’ heck up?”

Hildreth startled. “Was I talking out loud?”

“No.” Robin said. “And you weren’t projectin’ either. You were just thinkin’ way too loud. It was like hearin’ a loud conversation on the other side of the wall. Ain’t clear enough to unnerstand, but it’s almost loud enough to unnerstand. Dang annoyin’, that’s what it is. So, shut the heck up!”

“ughnmm.” Ambrose moaned. “exactly whatever he said.”

7 thoughts on “Part 1868 – Robin And Hildreth Are Thinking Way Too Much.”

        1. It would be so awesome and amazing to hold this story in book form!

          It gives me warm, sunshiney feelings to imagine it being reviewed by booktubers or book bloggers. Even if they point out negative things about it, it would still be sunshine and rainbows everywhere. 😆

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Of course! And well deserved I’m writing at the moment and when it flows it’s just like I’m reading and can hardly keep up with the story pouring out – so much fun. Twitter is really great for writers – I only just reconnected this week – first time round I didn’t really know what to do – if you are or decide to – I’ll ensure I try to get you involved in the writers community – I have some tips on my joining the herd post some things I picked up that helped. Let me know if/when you’re on there. And I will definitely give your book a review.

          Liked by 1 person

        3. “I’m writing at the moment and when it flows it’s just like I’m reading and can hardly keep up with the story pouring out – so much fun.” I absolutely love that feeling.

          I haven’t joined Twitter yet, but I think I will. I’ll poke around at it after I come home from work tomorrow. I will definitely let you know when I do join up! 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

        4. Yes let me know and I will drop you into the group thing – somebody kind did that for me and everyone supported – very kind plus heaps of contacts for later sown the track when you are ready to publish – and you will publish


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