Part 1866 – Only One To Blame

Maelin sat in Ambrose’s empty chair and sighed. “So, Robin’s run off on us.”

What can I do? Even if I ran after him, he’d be long gone by the time I got downstairs. Doesn’t matter if I use the stairs or elevator. He’d still be long gone. I could have Raven call him back, but there’s no guarantee that he’d make it back here. It is still daytime and he is a vampire.

He’d fall unconscious half-way back and I would still have to wait for him to wake up.

But I can’t do nothing. I need to try. I need to get Robin back here for Isellta’s sake. Robin will be able to wake him. I know he will.

I just need to convince him to come back with me now.

Maelin turned her attention to Raven, who had fallen asleep in the chair next to her. She poked him.

She tapped him.

She slapped him.

She pulled his hair.

She pulled his ears.

She stuck her fingers in his ears.

She pinched his nose shut.

She contemplated his lap and thought many thoughts about what she could do to it.

But she thought about Jay.

Maelin shook her head. “I don’t want to touch any other man like that.”

Only one thing to do, I guess.

She pulled out her phone, stepped out into the hallway, called Jay’s number.

He answered the phone before it could even finish ringing. “Mae?”


“Is he coming?”

The desperate hope in his voice punched her hard. “How’s our angel doing?”

Jay didn’t answer.

“Jay. How is he? Is he still alive?”


“Jay, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? How can you even ask me that? You know what’s wrong.” He exhaled a shaky breath into the phone. “Mae, I’m losing him. I’m looking at him and…and…I can’t stop it. I can’t pull him back. Everything I’m saying to him…It’s. It’s. No reaction. Nothing.”

I want to run to him. I need to pull him into my arms and hug him. “I’m sorry, sweetheart.”

“Will bringing Robin here do any real good? At this point, will it do anything at all?”

Mae wanted to tell him a definite “YES!”, but even she wasn’t sure. “We can only hope.”

He sniffled.

Her heart ached. “Sweetheart—”

Jay’s voice broke into pieces. “I can’t lose him like this. I can’t. It hurts. Oh, Mae. It hurts so much.”

“I know.”

“I hate being this useless. I need to. I need to…I…”

“Do you want me to come back? Jay, if you want me to come back, I will.”

“I don’t know what I want!” He broke down completely.


He ended the call.


This is your fault.

You did nothing to help him.

You could have done so much more to protect him and you didn’t.

You failed him.

If he dies tonight, it will be your fault. It will be ALL your fault. It will not be anyone else’s fault. Just yours.

It is your fault. No one else’s.

You failed to protect him.

Jay doubled over and hid his face behind his hands.

I could have kept him safe.

I didn’t.

It’s my fault.

It’s all my fault.

I was supposed to protect him and I didn’t. I failed to keep him safe.

It’s my fault.

It’s all my fault.

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