Part 1862 – Our Taxi’s Gone Missing! Now, What Do We Do?

Tonight. I’ll see the one I love tonight.

Robin scoffed.

I feel like I oughta be singin’ that.

Robin and Ambrose walked through the registration area.

He released his grip on Ambrose’s arm and took his hand. Ambrose side-glanced at him and smiled.


Tonight I lose Am’rose. I ain’t ever gonna sleep in his bed again.


I’ll have my pretty fey. My ‘sellta.


I’ll see what he wants me to do.

I’ll see if.

If he e’en wants me.

Ambrose gently squeezed his hand. “Are you going to sleep with me when we get back home?”

Robin blushed.

“Don’t worry. I didn’t mean it like that.”

“I know that. I ain’t stupid.”

They headed towards the automatic front doors.

“Am’rose. Can I sleep with you?”

“Of course.”

“Good. I was worried you’d say no.” He lapsed into a spot of silence. “Do you think ‘sellta will say no? Tch. I know. I know I’ve asked you. I know you’re freakin’ tired of hearin’ all my nervousness and stupidheaded angst.”

“But it isn’t stupid. It’s perfectly reasonable for you to be nervous. I daresay it’s healthy for you to be nervous.”


Ambrose nodded. “It means that you care about him. You’ll be good to him when you finally do get together.”

“You mean if we do.”

Ambrose shook his head. “I mean exactly what I said. There’s bound to be uncertainty between the two of you. A lot of issues that need to be resolved. But when he’s ready, he won’t tell you no. Who knows? He might come to you and ask you.”

A confused muddle of panic and excitement rushed through Robin from heart to feet.


My pretty Isellta comin’ to me.

Robin imagined Isellta standing beside his bed.. His blond hair like a soft halo. His blue eyes black in the semi-dark.

He’d touch my face and whisper, “I want you.” Can that really happen? Can someone as beautiful as him see me that way, want me that way?

Can I e’en hope?

The hospital’s front doors slid open and the two vampires went out into the daylight.

“Uhhh.” Ambrose squinted and glanced around. “Where’s our taxi?”

Robin glanced around. “Dunno. Maybe he’s gone and parked the car.”

“Since when do taxi drivers park their cars? That doesn’t even make sense.”

“I dunno. Maybe he got tired of hangin’ out o’er here. Maybe security went ahead and told him ‘Ehhh. You can’t park here. This here’s a non-parkin’ zone’.”

“That is so unlikely.” Ambrose sighed. “So, now what do we do? We can’t just walk home. I’m in no mood to walk.”

Robin shrugged. “We could hitchhike.”

“Oh, that sounds like so many levels of fun I could just die from the funness of it all.”

“Hey! There ain’t no need to be all sarcastic.”

“I’m not being sarcastic. I’m being…” His eyes glazed over. “…some other word that doesn’t mean sarcastic.”

Robin snorted.

Ambrose pressed the heels of his hands against his forehead. “can’t think. too tired. need to sit down. need to sleep. Oh!” He lowered his hands. “Maybe they have a shuttle service.”

“Don’t those things cost money?”

“How should I know? I don’t take shuttles.”

“Oh, of course you freakin’ don’t. Well. Let’s go inside and ask at the front desk. The chick at the desk oughta know what’s what.”

Ambrose nodded and followed him back inside.

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