Part 1849 – Three Lost In Thoughts

Someone’s incessant whispering disrupted Raven’s sleep. “hsst hsss psps hsst hst pss pss hss.”

Raven scrunched his eyes and rolled his head to the side. If he focused hard enough, he could have made sense of whatever all that whispering was about. But he was too day exhausted to even try.

He just wanted to sleep.

“psssp pss pss pss hssst hss hss hsspssp.”

Wait. What if it is Missy?

He opened his eyes.

What if she is awake?

Raven carefully rose to his feet and tottered over to the bed. He grabbed onto the bed rail. “Missy?” he asked hopefully.

But no.

She was still asleep and her lips were lightly pressed together. But the whispering continued in the background.

Disappointment sucked away Raven’s small amount of energy. His knees wobbled, but he tightened his grip on the rail and stayed put.

“How long has it been since I have heard your voice? Hours? Days? Far too many days. You do not know. You have no idea how much I miss hearing it. How much I miss you. I miss you. I wish I could make you understand what I mean by those three words. I wish I could find the words to fully express how lost I feel without you.”


Elsie watched the vampire confess his longing to the unconscious young woman.

Ambrose never loved me like that. He always saw me as nothing but a free and easy meal. He never saw me as anything more than a blood letter.

But Hildreth.


He’s jumped out of a second floor window for me. I’ve seen him frantic with worry for me. He has shown me over and over again that he loves me.

And I love him.

Elsie walked over to the doorway without giving Ambrose a second glance. She leaned against the door frame.

I love him so much.


LM’s feeling of restlessness spiked and surged.

Everyone’s in their own little worlds. Worlds that I have no part of. I stand here alone. Lost and alone with nothing to do.

If I left the room, would anyone notice? Would anyone wonder where I went? Would anyone even care?

“Capernaum, speak to me. Tell me what I am supposed to do. Why did you lead me to their house? What am I supposed to do? What is my role in life?”

Capernaum didn’t respond.

And the half-fey’s questions went unanswered.


“Missy.” Raven gently brushed the back of his fingers along her cheekbone. “I know. I know a time will come when we will be parted. I will be staked or you will be felled by a disease or some unfortunate accident. Neither of us are immortal. For all that lives must die.” He struggled to swallow. “I am not ready. Missy, I am not ready to lose you. Please do not leave me. Hear me. Come back to me. Do not leave me so alone. My home will be so quiet without you in it. My life will be empty. Come back to me. Missy.”

Tears fell onto her blanket.

“My Missy.”

Speak to me. Let me hear your voice again even if it is only inside my mind. I love you, Missy. I love you.

I love you too, my pretty shirtless Raven.

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