Part 1848 – Talking To A Sleeping Vampire

He’s right there. Right at my fingertips. I could grab him and run away. I could grab his arms, shake him awake, and convince him to run away with me.

Maelin traced the line of Robin’s jaw with her fingertip.

Or I could just let him sleep.

Her finger stopped at his chin.

What if I just tell him now as he’s sleeping?

Maybe he’ll hear me.

Maybe he won’t.

“Trying won’t hurt.” She leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “Robin, Isellta’s dying. Your Isellta is dying. You need to come back with me. Now. If you do. If you come, you might be able to save his life. Robin? Can you hear me?”

No response.

She pulled back from him and reconsidered her options.

I think grabbing him and running out the door would be the best one.

Too bad he isn’t alone.

Too bad this is a busy hospital. It would be difficult to nonchalantly haul him through the hallways and not draw unneeded attention. I could steal a wheelchair and wheel him out of here. No one would stare askance at that.

But it would still be a lot simpler if I just wait for him to wake up on his own.

It’s bound to happen. Eventually.

She smiled. “But it’s okay. I’m here and so are you. I can wait you out, Robin.”

Robin’s eyebrows twitched. “‘sellta. hnnn. hnn. ‘sellta. I ahh wenu…’sellta.”

Maelin stroked his face.

“‘sellta.” Tears escaped the barrier of his eyelashes and trickled down the unscarred side of his face. “‘sellta.”

“Robin, wake up and come with me. If you come with me, you’ll see Isellta again.” She stopped.

He’ll see him again, but he doesn’t know.

Maelin felt like someone had slashed her lungs open. She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t even gasp.

He doesn’t know. Robin doesn’t know what’s been happening to Isellta. He doesn’t know how bad off Isellta is.

What if?

What if he sees him…sees Isellta looking so emaciated? What if he assumes that Isellta is dead and runs away? How would I ever be able to get him back? What if he is repulsed by Isellta’s appearance and rejects him?

Would he do that?

She looked down at the scarred young man. “Are you that heartless, Robin? I don’t think you are, but I don’t really know you. Only you can answer that question.” She wiped away his tears. “Only you can save Isellta, Robin. Wake up and come with me. Save him, Robin. Save him and love him. He loves you. He loves just you. He’s waiting for you, Robin. So, wake up and come with me. I’m here. I’m still here and I am waiting for you.”

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