Part 1843 – Mark Caten Is So Done With This Conversation.

I wish we didn’t have to wait until later. I wish I could comfort him now.

I want to hold his hand. I want to get him out of this room. I want to take him somewhere far from here. Somewhere like…I don’t know. Alabama? I don’t know. What’s the weather like in Alabama? Is that a good place to live? Or do they always have hurricanes there?

No. That doesn’t seem right. I think that’s where people go when they’re escaping hurricanes, if I’m remembering correctly. Seems like it could get crowded pretty quickly.

In that case, we can run away to Idaho and become potato farmers.

Dave glanced at Hank and tried to imagine him as any sort of farmer. He bit down on his lower lip to keep himself from squealing.

Eeee! He’d be the cutest potato farmer of all time. I’d die every time I look at him in his denim overalls and straw hat. And him swinging a hoe around…Oh my gosh! Instant death. Just instant death. I don’t know how we’d get any farming done.

“Haaaaank.” Dave whispered.

“Later, babe.”

Dave sighed.

I wish later were now.


Preyuna looked at her reflection and considered her options.

I will do whatever I want today.

So? What do I want to do?

The pain in her wrists flared up again.

“Well. First thing is first.” She flipped her hair behind her back and strode to her bedroom door. “I’m going to find out what Mark Caten did to me.”

The pain worsened.

She yanked her bedroom door open and stormed to his office. If she were a dragon, she would have blazed a path of wanton destruction.

She stopped at his office door and whipped it open with her magic.

Mark Caten raised his head. “Ahh, cupcake.” He smiled. “I was wondering when you’d come to me. You’re far off schedule.”

She marched over to him.

He turned to face her. “You don’t have to say a word. Just stand there and I’ll say it all for you.”

“Shut up. What did you do to me?”


She raised her wrists. “What did you do to me? They hurt. They burn.”

“Hahahahaha! Oh, my sweet French fried cupcake. I’ve been here all morning. You can even ask my guards.”

“What’s the point in that? Your guards will always side with you.”

“That is true. After all, I know exactly how to hurt them if they ever turn against me.” He sighed happily. “I love being me. However, it is the truth. I have been in here all morning. You, of all people, should know that. If I did anything to you, I’m sure you would have known.”

“You had one of your grunts put some sort of magic spell on me. I demand to know what it is.”

“Well, sweetie. Why don’t you go ask that grunt? He would know that answer. Not me. I’m completely ignorant of such things.”

“Liar! He did it on your command.”

He yawned. “This is much more stimulating than our usual conversation, but it is becoming quickly tedious. You’ve done your check-in for today.” He made a shooing away gesture with his hands. “You are free to go.”


He stood and glared at her. “You know better than that, cupcake.”

“Just tell me. What is this spell? What did you tell him to do to me?”

He sauntered over to her. “You want answers.”

She held her ground. “I expect answers.”

“Expect?” He grabbed her neck. “You called me by my first name. You know that isn’t right.”

“Unhand me.”

“Call me by my correct title and I might let you go.”


He pressed his thumbs against her throat.

“Uh. uhh.”

“You know what I want you to call me. Come on, cupcake. Or I’ll press harder.”

“My lord and master.”

“Ooo. So close. Try again.”

Her eyes turned white. “My divine lord and supreme master.”

“Yes.” He smirked. “Say it again and again. Only be sure to capitalize it correctly. I detected a supreme lack of capitalization.”

She coughed. “My Divine Lord and Supreme Master.”


“My Divine Lord and Supreme Master.”

His eyes gleamed with a savage joy. “Again.”

“uhhn.” She coughed again. “My Divine Lord and Supreme Master.”

Mark stuck his face into her face. “And don’t you ever forget that.” He released her. “Now, you may go. Bye-bye!”

She coughed one more time as she rubbed her throat. “You will get what’s coming to you. You will suffer. You will die. I swear you will.”

“Hahahahaha! Look at you making empty threats. Aren’t you just the cutest thing? Really, just go now. I’m done with this conversation. Bye.”

Magic crackled inside her palms, waiting to be flung at him.

But I will not lose my kingdom. I will not grant him that last victory over me.

She threw her magic at his garbage can.

It rose up into the air and exploded above his desk. Plastic shrapnel and loose papers rained down.

“Gaah!” He looked at her in shock.

She smirked. “Now, we are done with this conversation. Bye.” And she left the room.

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