Part 1840 – Decision And Indecision

This would be my cue.

Maelin stepped forward. “Is there anything you can do to help her?”

Robin shrugged. “I ain’t sure. I—” He shot a look at her. “Who…” His face brightened. “You. Maelin.”

Jeff finally noticed her too.  “Wait. Who are you?”

“Don’t get all angsty. She’s okay. She’s with my ‘sellta. She…Isellta.” Robin grabbed her hands as if he were afraid she was going to run away. “Is he…Is he here? Wh…where?”

She looked at the young man holding her hands and her heart ached for him. “You do love him.”

He nodded. “Is he with you? Can—can I see him?”

She shook her head. “He’s with Jay. Robin.”

What should I tell him? If I tell him that Isellta’s dying, it might spur him into action and he’ll come with me. Or it might throw him into some dark spiral that even my magic can’t pull him out of.

But I can’t say nothing.

“Come with me. Robin, come with me. I need you to come with me now. It’s urgent.”

He smiled and shook his head. “‘sellta’s okay. I spoke to him and he’s okay. He knows I’m comin’ tonight.”

“That’s all lovely and good, but you need to come now. He needs you to come right now.”


How do I answer this question? I want to tell him the truth, because the truth is so simple. It’s only three words long.

His smile fell. “Did that fey witch hurt him? If she’s gone and hurt him, I’ll hurt her. I’ll find a way to hurt her.”

“No. Robin, please come. You’ll understand when we get there. Trust me.”

“Why? What ain’t you tellin’ me?”

“Just come.”

“No! You answer my question first or I’ll…” His eyes glazed over. “I’ll…” His body softened. His head drooped.

“Ahh, shoot!” Jeff caught Robin before he could fall against the bed. He scooped him into his arms and carried him over to the armchair near the window. He gently set him down.

So, now what do I do? I could wait for him to have another moment of alertness. But how long would it last before his day exhaustion kicks in again? I could just grab him and run out the door.

Maelin almost laughed at that.

Let’s see. I have, unless I’m wrong, three hunters, two vampires, and one fey. The odds would not be in my favor if they all teamed up to stop me.

So, then? What do I do?

What can I do?


Ambrose slept soundly on the hard, tiled floor.

Elsie shuddered. “So many germs.” She crouched beside him.

His black hair. I know how it feels.

The contours of his face. I know its angles.

His lips. I know them. Their shape. Their feel.

Hildreth stopped behind her. “Els.”

So many lifetimes ago, I would have touched him. I would have disregarded Hildreth’s existence and I would have kissed him.

But not now.

Not ever again.

“We were never meant to be, Ambrose. We would have never made each other happy. We’re too alike and too different. We stand on opposite sides and we’re too far apart. There is no bridge between us. There never will be. I am a hunter. You are a vampire. Nothing will change what we are.”

She stood and looped her arms around Hildreth’s neck. “I don’t need a bridge to get to you. I have you, Hildreth, right here and you’re all that I want. Don’t you ever forget that. Okay?”

He smiled lovingly at her. “Okay.”

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