Part 1838 – I Need Robin.

LM stood beside Robin.

I don’t belong here. What am I supposed to do? I don’t belong here.

He looked over at Jeff.

He hasn’t noticed me yet, but when he does, he’s going to yell at me to get out of here. So, maybe I should just beat him to that punch and leave.

And go where?

Back to their house? I don’t know. I guess so, but to do what? Just sit there and do nothing. I can do that here and have company. If I stay here, I won’t be alone. Maybe if I just stay over here, that man won’t notice me. Maybe he’ll ignore me. Maybe he won’t see me.

I wish I could become invisible. It wouldn’t help with my inactivity, but it would protect me from that man.

Robin groaned in his sleep. “no. no. ‘sellta.”

A Chinese woman with straight black hair walked over to him.

LM marveled at how straight her hair was.

Such perfect lines. So many perfect lines.

“Are you with Robin?” she asked LM.

With him? What does that question even mean?

“I followed him in here and I’m standing next to him and I’m currently living in his house. Other than that, I don’t know. I have no personal attachment to him, if that’s what you mean.”

She smiled. “Well, that’s good to know.”

Huh? Which part?

“I need him to come back with me. There is a young fey who needs him, desperately needs him.”

“But he’s asleep. Can’t it wait until he’s wide awake?”

“No. He needs to come now.”

“But. He’s asleep.”

“Isellta needs him.”

“Isellta?” LM looked down at Robin. “He keeps thinking about him. Even in his sleep. I can hear it without even trying. I don’t have to touch him. I can hear it over and over. Isellta. Isellta. I miss you. I love you. I need you. Do you miss me? Do you really need me? Isellta. Isellta. ‘sellta. My ‘sellta.” He tilted his head. “Can you hear it too?”

Maelin shook her head.

LM raised his gaze to her face. “What do you expect me to do?”

Before she could respond, Raven woke up.


Raven readjusted his butler jacket and rubbed his ribcage. “I feel as though a full grown musk ox had fallen on top of me. But, of course—-” He stopped and sniffed the air.

Pipe tobacco and cloves. That would be Jeff.

Raspberry jam and dried wood. That would be Hildreth Mayhew.

Oak, mocha, and musk. That would be Ambrose.

Lily of the valley and musk. That is not familiar to me. Yet, I know I have smelled it before.

His face went pale as he remembered.

Oh. Her. That woman at the restaurant. Elsie Vansing, Miss Farlington’s descendent.

No. I shall not think about it. I will not think about her. Not now.

He looked towards Missy’s bed.

Not ever again.

He took a deep breath and caught one more scent: tangerines.


Raven fumbled out of his seat and staggered over to the sleeping vampire. He paid no mind to the woman and the fey standing nearby. He grabbed Robin’s shoulders and shook him.

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