Part 1836 – Sparring With A Vampire

LM stood still as the two vampires walked past him.

An extraordinary.

A vampire is an extraordinary.

So is a fey.

LM frowned.

So, what is a half-fey? Is it only half-extraordinary and half-ordinary? Is that how it works out?

And what about a half-fey like me? What am I with all of my weaknesses and imperfections? Am I even less than half-extraordinary?

Am I just painfully ordinary? Is that all I am?

He raised his head.

No. I am more than that. Capernaum always saw me as something more than that.

LM glanced around. “Capernaum, are you there?”

“Yo, fey!” Robin said. “You gonna come with us or what?”

“Coming!” He ran after them.


Jeff did a whole series of slow stretches, which helped relieve some of the tension in his muscles.

But it did nothing to relieve his jittered nerves.

He did one last stretch and yawned.

What I really need is a good sparring. I need to punch something. Hildreth’s coming. Maybe I can talk him into it.

Someone knocked on the door.

Jeff lowered his arms. “Who’s there?”

“It’s me. Ambrose.  I have Robin with me. Can I come in?”


Ambrose opened the door and entered the room.

Jeff quietly assessed him. “Hey, vampire.”

He glared at the former hunter. “I do have a name, you know.”

“Sorry. Just how tired are you right now?”

That question earned him a deeply annoyed look. “Is there a reason why you’re asking?”

“My daughter died.”

Ambrose shot a glance at the hospital bed, where Missy was still sleeping.

“They were able to bring her back, but I’m still…I. My nerves are a mess. I need to punch something.”

“I see. And you thought I looked like a good punching bag. Is that it?”

Jeff shrugged. “More or less.” He shifted into a fighting stance. “How about it? First to pin wins.”

The vampire sniffed the air. “No wood.”


A smile stretched across Ambrose’s face. “Well. This should be fun.”

“No claws.”

Ambrose held up his hands. “None.”

“Good.” He let out a yell and charged at the vampire.


A wave of dizziness hit Robin as he entered the hospital room. He leaned against the door frame.

Ambrose and Jeff’s conversation was an indistinct drone of not-quite words. The sound of their voices had a relaxing effect on Robin’s mind. He closed his eyes and didn’t bother to make sense of whatever they were saying.


A hand touched his shoulder.


“No. Just me.” LM said. “Come. You need to sit down.”

Jeff let out a warrior yell, which startled Robin awake. “Gaah! What the forever bleedin’—-?”

Jeff and Ambrose charged at each other.


They exchanged kicks and blows in an absolute fury. Jeff had the advantage. He was wide awake and Ambrose was clearly tired. But Ambrose fought with all of his might. He didn’t give the former hunter any chances to push his advantage.

Robin gaped as he watched Ambrose.

His strength and speed, despite his day exhaustion.

His fierce concentration.

The easy grace of his movements. He made the fight look like a dance.

Darnation. Barbara is one lucky chick.


“Wow.” Hildreth said as they headed down the hall. “That was a long story, but you managed to keep it tight and concise.” He tapped his lips with his index finger. “That’s probably the wrong thing to say after a story like that.”

Elsie scoffed. “Obviously.”

“So, let me get this straight. You don’t know if Robin is up here?”

“No.” Maelin said. “He is up here. I can smell his scent.”

Elsie gave her a sharp look. “Humans can’t detect scents. How can you?”

Maelin shook her head. “I’d rather not say. Let’s just say that it’s my secret and leave it at that.”

“Well, you aren’t a vampire. That’s for sure.”

“How can you tell?” Maelin asked.

Elsie turned her attention forward. “Years of training. Vampires have a certain wrongness to them.  It isn’t something an ordinary human would notice.”

Hildreth stage-whispered to Maelin, “They’re always staring at one’s neck.”

“That and there’s a certain predatorial—”

A man let out a loud yell.

Hildreth gasped. “That sounded like Jeff!” He ran.

Elsie and Maelin ran after him.


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