Part 1831 – $1.39 And A Bit Of Lint

Ambrose, Robin, and LM filed out of the car.

The taxi driver lowered his window. “Hold on there, boss. You gonna pay up or what?”

Ambrose patted his pockets. “Oh. My wallet’s still at home. Robin?”

“Huh? I don’t even make money. Why’d I have a wallet for?”

The two vampires looked at the half-fey.

LM checked his pockets and came up with a small knot of lint and $1.39. He calmly offered the whole lot, lint included, to the driver.

The driver gaped at the meager offerings. “You’re kidding, right? This is some stupid hat joke, right?”

“It’s all I have.” LM said.

The driver flapped his hands in exasperation. “Who does that? I ask you, who in their right mind does that? Calling a taxi and not having any money. Tsk! Tsk on the whole lot of you!”

Ambrose rubbed his forehead. “Sorry. I don’t think well during the day.”

“Why? You some sort of vampire or something?”

“Or something. If you can just stay out here and wait for us, we’ll pay you.”

“With what? Your belly button lint? Yeah, no thanks, boss.”

Ambrose pressed the heels of his hands against his forehead. “Our den mother is in the hospital. He should have his wallet on him.”

Robin scoffed. “No doubts there, for sure.”

“How do I know you guys aren’t trying to scam me?”

Ambrose managed a sickly smile. “Because we are asking you to wait.”

The driver nodded. “True. Okay. I’ll take this—” He accepted LM’s $1.39. “—-and I’m taking your little ball of lint too.” He popped the lint into his mouth.

All three extraordinaries stared at him as if he’d just announced that he was an alien. LM blinked quickly. “Why would he do that?”

“Ain’t got a clue.” Robin said.

Ambrose lowered his hands. “You all can keep talking if you want. I’m going inside before I collapse.”

Robin did a two finger salute at Ambrose. “Right behind ya.”


The taxi driver watched the two men and the rigid-winged fey enter the hospital.

That guy with the black hair…

He’s so familiar. I know him. I’m sure I know him.

I never forget a face.

The driver squinted his eyes.

I know him.

The shape of his face.

The sound of his voice.

His all around attitude.

The driver opened his eyes. “Oh, shoot! He’s that vampire I dropped off at Sammy’s Place. Darn it all! I should stay to collect the rest of my fare, but I need to get my taxi cleaned all over again.”

He pulled out of his spot and drove away.

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