Part 1816 – How To Track A Queen.

Preyuna entered her room and closed the door.

She thought over what she had told Caten’s minion. A smile spread across her face. “Yes. This day is mine. It is the beginning of Caten’s end.  I will not have him ruin such a long-awaited day for me. It doesn’t even matter what he wants, although what he wants is almost always the same.”

She strode towards the bathroom.

The bedroom door burst open.

She spun around. Her eyes glowed a furious white as Caten’s minion entered the room. She raised her hands. “Get out of my room!” She pushed her magic at him.

To no effect.

He smiled and his smile made her think of Mark Caten. She let out a yell and hit him with all of her base fey power.

To no effect.

“Are you done?”

She kept her hands raised. “What are you?”

He swept his hair over his delicate, leaf-shaped ears. “Fey magic doesn’t effect dark elves. I thought you’d know that.”

She didn’t lower her hands. “What do you want from me?”

He shrugged. “Nothing. I’m just obeying orders.” He snapped his fingers. “Ig na shee heya.”

Preyuna fell to the floor unconscious.


She woke a couple of hours later to a deep burning pain in her wrists. It felt like someone had bound them too tight with a coarse rope. She sat up and examined her wrists and hands, but nothing seemed to be amiss. The skin wasn’t even red.

Preyuna frowned. “What did he do to me?”


Mark Caten smiled at her obvious confusion. He typed a couple of commands on his keyboard, revealing any and all magic spells in her bedroom.

Only one spell appeared.

A rope-width black band circled each wrist. She didn’t seem to notice it, which made him smile all the more.

He typed in another command and the monitor grid went black. He hit Ctrl F. A message box appeared. WHO DO YOU WISH TO FIND?_________________(Please type in full name and entity).

He muttered his response as he typed it out, “Preyuna Cupcake, fey.”

One Moment….Please…. …..   ……. …… Entity found.

The monitor for her room lit up. Sure enough, she was still in there.

“Now. Isn’t that just all sorts of convenient? Ahhh, my dear, dear cupcake. You’ll never be able to hide from me again.”


Preyuna stood.

Maybe if I take a shower that will calm things down.

She frowned.

Still. I wish I knew what he did to me.

She examined her wrists one more time.

She saw nothing out of the ordinary.

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