Part 1810 – A Cold Turkey Sandwich Leads To A Brilliant (??) Idea.

Dave took a bite of his cold turkey sandwich and shot a glance at the closed kitchen door.

Hank’s gonna come.

He’s going to defy Mark Caten and he’ll come bursting through the door. He’ll come over to me and we’ll kiss and…

Dave sighed and took another bite.

He won’t come.

I heard everything that Caten said he’d do if Hank went to Pinkerlee. I can only imagine what he threatened to do if Hank took a lunch break with me.

Ohhh, but it isn’t fair!

We spend so little time together, despite the fact that we’re together all day. But that’s just us standing side by side.

I want so much more than that.

I want long conversations at a table for two.

I want physical contact. So much physical contact.

But that can never happen during the day. It’s so frustrating I could just scream. Maybe I should scream. Scream into Caten’s perfectly shaped ears.

He took another bite.

But Caten wouldn’t be impressed. He’d make fun of us. Make fun of me. I can just hear the insults.

Dave lowered his sandwich.

But what about Doll Face? If I sat on his bed and screamed into his ear, wouldn’t that be enough to startle him awake? It would sure startle me awake.

He checked his watch. “Hm. I still have ten minutes before my lunch break is over.” He nodded. “I got this.”

He put his sandwich down on the plate, stood, and left the room.


“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a stupid and petty thing to whine about. Really, I expected better from you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahh, yes. I’m sure. But, of course. It should be obvious. I am a god. I am always right about these things. Which, conversely, is why you are always wrong. After all, I know for a fact that you are not a god. Therefore, you are so full of wrongness. Poor you. Yes, yes. I’m sure. No, that isn’t possible. For starters, I am a god, so I can’t be killed. Unless I will it, of course, and why would I will it? Then, there’s the other matter of I’m too marvelous and wonderful to be killed.”

Mark Caten frowned. “I don’t know what you’re going on about. I really don’t. I am very marvelous AND very wonderful. The fact that you can’t see it just says so much about you. It saddens me. Yes. Bye!”

He hung up the phone and checked his e-mail. There was nothing new.

He looked over at his solitary guard and smirked.

The guard was standing at attention, not betraying anything that he was thinking or feeling, but Mark Caten knew.

He’s all anxious to see his lover again.

Caten chuckled. “I should have given him an extra long lunch break just for the fun of seeing his partner squirm.” He checked the time at the bottom of his computer screen. “He should be back shortly. Too bad. That just ruins all my fun.”


Hank focused on breathing.

Just breathing.

But he could feel Dave’s absence and it was like he was missing half his chest.

Oh, I sure hope he’s staying out of trouble.

But Jay and Maelin are with Isellta. So, they won’t let him do anything too outlandish or out of control.


I wish I were with him.

I wish we were together.

I wish we could have just a couple of minutes of alone time. Just him and me. Obviously, we can’t do anything too much in just a couple of minutes.


Just to be able to see his face and kiss him. Oh, I wish I could kiss him. I wish for a lot more than that.

I know he does too.

Hank resisted the urge to glance at the door.

I hope he comes back soon.

I hope he stays out of trouble.

I hope he doesn’t do anything I wouldn’t approve of.


Dave entered Jay’s bedroom.

Jay and Maelin were all cuddled up in each other’s arms, sound asleep.

Dave set his weapon near the door.

This will wake him up.

I have no doubts about it.

Dave didn’t give it another thought.

He headed straight to the bed.

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