Part 1806 – A Grievous Breach Of Etiquette

Why did he say that, anyway?

I was just a skinny child. Not quite human. Not quite fey. My wings are misshapen and probably should have been removed when I was younger. I would miss them, of course, but it would have saved me the trouble of so many rounds of feather shaft rot.

It’s too late now. The bone is too thick. The nerves are completely developed. It would hurt and cause too many problems with my nervous system if I had them removed now. So, I’m stuck with them.

So, why did he say I’m magic? That doesn’t make any sense.

LM sat up and glanced around the room.

Capernaum was nowhere in sight..

LM sighed.

I’ll ask him when…if he reappears.

The half-fey laid back down.

Why did he lead me here? Not that I don’t trust him, but I don’t understand. Wouldn’t it be better if he had led me to an abandoned house where no one would accidently discover me?

His stomach growled.

“Well. That’s probably part of his reason.” He sighed. “I’ll wait until they all leave the house tonight. Then, I’ll leave the room and…” He sat bolt upright. “Wait. The people living here are vampires. Vampires don’t eat food. Every extraordinary knows that.”

Feathers fell from his wings.

“What if they don’t have any food here? Do they even have a refrigerator? I don’t know!”

His stomach growled insistently.

LM got out of bed and headed straight to the door. He put his hand on the doorknob. “I have nothing to be afraid of. They’re vampires. They’re asleep. They won’t hear me leave the room.”

He opened the door. It didn’t creak or groan or moan or make any sound of the sort. Relieved by that small favor, LM poked his head out of the room.

The coast seemed to be clear.

He stepped into the hall.

Nothing leapt out at him or swooped down at him.

He breathed a sigh of relief and headed down the hall with hopeful thoughts of food.


“Ambrose.” His father entered the den and closed the door behind him.

Ambrose wrapped his arms around his legs and stared out at the dark outside the bay window.

His father huffed slightly as he approached his hiding place.

Ambrose pulled his knees closer to his chest.

If only I could turn invisible.

His father stopped beside him. “You cannot hide like this. It is a grievous breach of etiquette.”

“I do not care. I cannot look at her. I cannot. I cannot face Rebecca again.”

“Son. I do not know what transpired between you and her and I will not ask.”

Ambrose looked over at him.

“I am asking you to put it aside and behave like a gentleman instead of a child.”

Ambrose bristled. “You do not understand what she did to me. She hurt me. I cannot forgive her. Perhaps that is childish of me, but I cannot help it. She hurt me and then she just…moved on. I am nothing to her. I was never anything¬† at all to her. How can I greet her? How can I make pleasant conversation with her and her…her husband?”

“Try. Go out there and try.”

Ambrose scowled at him. “I hate you.” He uncurled himself and abandoned his hiding place.


He pushed past him and left the room.

He reentered the ballroom.

Rebecca’s husband stood beside her. He smiled at her and she smiled back. Her eyes were bright with pride and love.

“I feel like I may become ill.” Ambrose muttered. He bypassed them and went on a search for something to drink. He stopped short as an unfamiliar woman caught his eye.

She was beautiful in a doll-like way. Hair too perfectly set. Skin too smooth. Eyes both too dull and shined too bright. Red lips in a lovely cupid bow.

All of his irritated thoughts about Rebecca left his mind. Curiosity and maybe a little bit of lust drove him to her. “Hello.”

She sipped from her glass of red wine. “Hello, yourself.”

Her dress was too red and too daring and her arms were scandalously bare. Her skin looked so soft. “May I have this dance?” He couldn’t wait to touch her.

Another sip of wine. “I’m not dancing tonight.” She looked him over in a way that was not lady-like. “I wouldn’t mind dancing with you.”

“Well, then. Let’s dance.”


Ambrose released Robin. He laid chest-side down on the mattress and stretched his arms out.

Rebecca was one of the lucky ones that day. She and her husband had left well before I went on my rampage.

A soft sound outside the bedroom door startled him. He raised his head and listened. Sure enough, someone was outside the door, talking.

And it wasn’t Raven.

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