Part 1804 – Comfort In Ambrose’s Arms

Robin felt the other vampire settle back down.

“So, I’m being weird and irritating?” Ambrose asked.

“Duh, dummy. Gettin’ yourself all worked up o’er nothin’. Barbara freakin’ loves you. You know it and she knows it. There ain’t no doubts about it. Ain’t a thing like ‘sellta and me.” Robin pulled the blanket up to his neck. “I wanna sleep with ‘sellta. There. I said it out loud. Call me a freak if you wanna. I don’t care.”

Ambrose moved closer to him. “You know I wouldn’t. I’d call you plenty of other things. Freak?” He wrapped his arms around Robin’s chest. “No.”

Robin relaxed in Ambrose’s arms. “I ain’t so sure what ‘sellta wants from me.”

Ambrose rested the underside of his jaw on the younger vampire’s shoulder line.

Robin exhaled a soft breath and closed his eyes. “Will he wanna sleep with me? What if he’s suddenly gone all straight? I don’t know. These things happen, don’t they? What if he thinks and says I’m perverted and gross for wantin’ him? What if he just up and leaves me?”

“He won’t.” His voice was so close to Robin’s ear.

So wonderfully close.

Intoxicatingly close.

His breath was so warm.

Robin leaned his head back.

“This isn’t a game to him, Robin. This is something real. He may not understand it, but it’s real to him. He loves you and you love him. You have nothing to fear. He’s going to look at you and fall to pieces. In a good way, of course. Maybe he won’t want to do it right off the bat. It may take some time to get him in your bed, but it will happen.”

Robin opened his eyes. “And how the heck do you know any of that?”

Ambrose chuckled. “Simple observation and basic guesswork.”

Robin closed his eyes and relished the feel of Ambrose’s body.

His nearness.

His warmth.

His scent.

His strength.

Feels so good.

“Am’rose. Hold me closer. Hold me tighter until I fall asleep.”

“mmmm.” It wasn’t much of an answer, but Ambrose pulled him in closer.

And Robin fell asleep.

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