Part 1800 – Sarah’s Opinion Of Barbara’s Wedding Dress

“I’m still kind of tired.” Clarice leaned the passenger seat back. “I’m going to get some shut eye and beauty sleep. Let me know when we get home.”

John kept his eyes on the road. “I will.”

“Mm.” She sighed.

He cast a quick glance at her.

I love her.

I do.

It happened so sudden, so fast. Yet, I’m not sure when that exact moment happened. When did I move from liking her to loving her? What was the reason? Was it a word? Was it a touch? Was it her saying my name? Was it everything leading up to our first kiss?

I don’t know. I just know that it’s different this time around. I love her, but it’s not the wildly raging heat I felt for Carolyn. It’s something…I don’t know. Something different. Something calmer. Something more mature.

He smiled.

But she can make me want to jump to the moon by just saying my name. She can make me stammer and trip over my own words. She can talk me into doing almost anything.

She makes me happy, Carolyn. She makes me so happy to be alive. I don’t know what she sees when she looks at me, but she must see something good. Something attractive. Somehow she sees me as attractive and that makes me…I don’t know. It makes me feel something more than happy.

John thought about it as he drove through the long lines of cornfields.

I feel proud and elated that someone like her can see me that way. I love her, Carrie.

He glanced at the woman sleeping in the passenger seat.

I love her.


Sarah fidgeted.

There didn’t seem to be a comfortable way to sit on the damask-covered pouf. It didn’t have a proper back – just a small blip of a ridge that didn’t really amount to anything. It seemed to exist only so a person could know which was the front and which was the back. It barely covered her bottom.

She tried to sit with her legs spread out, but that didn’t feel right.

She tried to sit more in the middle, but that was not comfortable.

She tried to sit back against the ridge, but she nearly fell backward.

She huffed out a silent sigh.

There was just no way to sit comfortably on it.

The assistant floated out from behind the dressing room drapes. “Are you ready for the final reveal?”

Sarah sat up and nodded eagerly.

“Okay!” She pulled the drapes aside.

Barbara stepped into the Gawk At The Dress area, looking like an absolute princess in her long white gown and crystal accentuated veil.

Sarah slid off the pouf and came over to Barbara. She touched the long lace sleeves and loved how they covered Barbara’s arms like soft, delicate skin. The lace went all the way up to Barbara’s throat and all the way down to the satin sash around her waist. It emerged from the bottom of the sash and trailed down the sides as if outlining her shape. Small crystals pinpointed the lace.

Sarah pinched the sash and burst into a wide grin.

It felt so wonderful! So clean. So smooth. She didn’t even know what to compare it to. It looked and felt so beautiful.

The bell-shaped skirt was made out of that same material.

Barbara smiled at her. “Do you like it?”

Sarah nodded emphatically.

“Do you think Ambrose will like it?”

Sarah rolled her eyes at the stupid question. To the best of her knowledge, guys didn’t like dresses. They liked slacks and suits and guy stuff like that.

But she nodded again.

Ambrose would definitely think Barbara looked pretty in it. He’d probably grin and clap his hands. If he didn’t, Sarah would be confused and very disappointed in him.

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