Part 1786 – Two Arrivals At The Police Station.

Carthage hit every red light, but none of them lasted long enough for his liking. The stop-and-go worsened his headache and upset his stomach. He could almost feel the residual coffee slosh inside of him. The mental image of the brown waves made him want to throw up.

“Just need to get to the gas station. NO. Not gas station. Police center. Center? What? No. Police station. Station.”

He stopped at yet another red light and covered his mouth with his hands.

I swear I will never drink coffee again. Not ever again. Not even on a bet.


The light turned green.

He cast a sick glare at it and inched his way through the intersection. Cars whizzed past him, blaring their horns, but he did not change his speed one degree.

I’ll get there when I get there.

Just hopefully no more red lights.


Am I doing the right thing?

Yes. No doubts about it.


Barbara stopped at a red light.

I didn’t get a chance to talk to Ambrose and Raven or even Robin about it.

What if her parents are looking for her? What if they are there at the police station? Okay, that isn’t likely. That’s bordering on impossible.


What if I have to surrender her now? Ambrose didn’t get a chance to say good-bye to her. He will be hurt and disappointed.



The light turned green.


Maybe I should wait until some other day. Wait until after our wedding. Wait until we’ve had a chance to settle down.


Is that the right thing to do?

If she were my daughter.

But she isn’t my daughter. She is someone else’s daughter. If they’re looking for her…

Barbara’s chest hurt.

If they are looking for her, will they be able to understand her? Will they be able to accept her special needs?

Will they love her?

The car next to her crept across the intersection. The other cars rushed past it, blaring their horns.

Barbara sighed. “I guess we can only take this one thing at a time. Ask at the police station. See what they say. And then.”

She drove forward. Her chest still hurt.

“Then, we’ll see what happens.”


Carthage pulled into the police station’s parking lot. He sighed with relief. “Finally. I’m here.” He unbuckled his seatbelt and opened the door.

He was about to get out of the car, but then he realized that the car was still running. “Tch!” He turned the key in the ignition and got out of the car.


Barbara pulled into the police station’s parking lot. “Okay.” She unbuckled her seatbelt and turned to face Sarah. “Hey. Are you ready?”

Sarah scooted back up onto the seat and shrugged.

“I know. I feel the same way. I want to just turn back home.”

Sarah nodded emphatically at that.

Barbara smiled sadly. “But we have to do this. I can’t just keep putting it off.” She gave the little girl a long look.

I want to just hug her and keep her safe.

But she isn’t mine to keep.

“Come on, Sarah.”


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