Part 1775 – Sparring On A Mausoleum’s Flat Roof

The sun rose, lighting and highlighting the couple kissing on the roof of the Williards’ mausoleum.

Elsie ended the kiss and pressed her forehead against his chest. “Don’t you ever doubt me like that again, Hildreth.”


“I love you. Maybe your mind can’t grasp it. Maybe you don’t want to believe it. Maybe you’re mentally stuck on the strange belief that Ambrose is better looking than you.”

Hildreth coughed out an appalled laugh. “That slimy bag of fangs and claws better looking than me? Say it ain’t so, Els.”

She raised her head and, in two quick moves, pinned him to the roof.

He panted as he looked up at her. “Or maybe you’re just confessing your true feelings.”

“Not even close to the truth. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes. If you could, you would never worry about Ambrose ever again.”

His expression completely mushed over. “Els. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I get so paranoid and weird about him. I’m trying, Elsie. I’m trying to fight it. To rein it all back. But it’s hard. There’s just something about him that—”

“Hildreth. I don’t want to talk about Ambrose Smith right now.”

“Oh?” He playfully yanked some of the hair hanging over her shoulders. “Is there something else you’d rather be doing?”

She gave him a look that was so heated it should have fogged up his retinas and given him instant cataracts and bilateral glaucoma. “I don’t think I need to answer that question.” She spread her hands on his chest. “Not when the answer is too obvious.”

“Ahh. So, you’re thinking exactly what I’m thinking.”

“And…? What would that be?”

“Food.” Hildreth said. “We need food.”

Elsie stood. She grabbed his wrists and pulled him up to his feet.

“Am I right or what?”

“I’ll just say that I will completely beat you up when you least expect it.”

Hildreth grinned. “Oh?” He went into a defensive position. “What’s stopping you from doing it now?”

Elsie paced around him. “Well. We’re on top of a mausoleum. We’re both hungry. We’ve been fighting all night.”

“Only on and off. So, come on, Vansing. Bring it on.”

“You sure that’s what you want, Mayhew?” She stopped in front of him.

He opened his mouth to respond.

She swung a punch at his face.

He dodged it, slipped behind her, and grabbed her arm. “Tag. You’re it.”

She spun around, grabbed him by the front of his shirt, and threw him.

He did a quick tuck and roll. He righted himself and ran at her.

Elsie sparkled with excitement. “Finally.” She ran at him and aimed another punch at his face.

Hildreth blocked it with the flat of his open palm, dodged her next punch, blocked the next one, and threw a punch at her face.

A punch that breezed small inches past her face.

“You missed on purpose!”

Hildreth laughed as he dodged and blocked her next series of punches. “Was I being obvious?”

“I’m going to kill you!” She aimed a hard punch at his face.

He blocked it with his palm, smacking her hand upwards. Before she could react, he grabbed her and threw her. He ran to her and pinned her to the roof. “Pinned you first. Huh. Looks like I win this round, Vansing.”

“Only because I let you win.”

He laughed. “Oh, did you now?”

Her gold eyes sparkled in the day light. “Maybe. After all, we are both very hungry.”

“Huh. I think there’s a good innuendo in there.”

She folded her fingers behind his neck. “No comment.”

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