Part 1772 – What Would I Do Without You?

Mark Caten finally logged into his computer and brought up all of his usual work programs. He thought about it for a moment and smiled. “Oh, why not?”

He accessed the monitor for Preyuna’s room.

She was still in bed, sound asleep.

“Aww, my little chamomile cupcake.” He stroked her image with his finger.

She wants me to let her go back to her daisy and duck feather farm. But how could I? What would I do without her?

How would I ever find someone as stimulating as her? Who would ever be able to compare to her?

She is so lovely. Every deliciously wicked piece and bit of her.

She is mine. I will never let her leave me. No matter what she may say or threaten to do. Queen Preyuna of the fey belongs to just me.

His phone rang.

He closed the program and answered his phone. “Hello. This is Mark Caten, but you may call me Oh, Great and Wise and Benevolent One. You may also grovel and kiss my feet. How may I help you? Or how can you help me?”


He said that ugly word again. Faggy.

I hate that word. I hate it so much.

Dave’s stomach turned on him.

How can Caten be like that? Why? What is his deal?

“It’s okay, babe.” Hank whispered.

Dave shook his head.

What gives him the right to belittle us like that? We’re here to protect him and—

“Babe. We’ll talk about this on our lunch break, okay? We’re okay.” He pressed the top of his hand against Dave’s leg. “We’re okay.”

Dave looked up at him.


Hank is just so wonderful and romantic and caring. If he didn’t want me anymore, if he decided that I was too much of a bother to deal with anymore…

What would I do without him?

What would I do if he didn’t love me anymore?

He leaned his leg against Hank’s hand.

I don’t know, but it would hurt a lot. I wouldn’t want to get into another relationship ever again. Not ever again.

How could I?

Who could I love the way I love him?

Who could ever compare to him? Who could make me laugh and love the way he does? Who could I ever love more than I love him? Is that even possible? I don’t think so.

I just love him so much.

No matter who I may flirt with, I will always love just him.

He’s my man.

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