Part 1770 – A Mental Monologue Leads To A Big Decision.

“Mmm.” Hank rubbed his hands up and down Dave’s sides. Dave let out a happy yelp, which made Hank smile. “I think we both have too much clothes on. Don’t you agree?”

“Oh, yes!”

“Only question is: What to remove first? Hmm.”


Hank’s smile grew.

“I’ll remove your top first and then—”

Someone knocked on the door.

“NO!” Dave shouted. “GO AWAY!”

They kept knocking.

Hank sighed. “Just when we were going to have some fun.”

“Well.” Dave slipped his hand under his lover’s shirt and massaged his abdomen muscles. Hank sucked in a deep breath, which made Dave smile. “We can have our fun later.”

Hank shuddered as he exhaled. “I want it now.”

“So do I.”

Whoever was on the other side of the door just didn’t know when to quit. They kept on knocking as if they were being paid per knock.

Dave stopped his massage to plant a tender kiss on Hank’s lips. “I love you. I love that you love me, that you want me.”

“Babe. Why wouldn’t I want you? Huh? You are the absolute best thing in my life. I’ll never understand why Mick was so rotten to you.”

Dave’s expression turned serious. “I’ll never understand it either, but I’m so glad I have you. I would never, ever take Mick back. Not even if he promised me the world and the stars. Not that he would.”

“Mick was a complete and base idiot. I hope you know that.”

Dave nodded. “He never was you.”

The knocking grew louder.

“Just a minute!” Hank yelled. “We’ll be out in just a minute.”

“We’re totally naked in here.” Dave added.

The knocking stopped. “Hurry up and get dressed. Mark Caten is waiting for you two in his office.”

Hank sighed. “And the day begins.”


As they walked to Mark Caten’s office, Hank looked over at Dave.

He was all dressed up in his usual guard attire – red robe, black gloves, and full mask. He carried his spiked club over his shoulder.

I love you, Dave. I’d do anything to make you happy.

He frowned slightly behind his mask.



Like what? How far would I go? Would I kill Mark Caten to make Dave happy? Oh, it’s tempting, but there would be consequences. Ugly, bad consequences.

He bumped his hand against Dave’s unoccupied hand.

We’d be separated. I’d go to jail.

Dave looked up at him.

I’d never see him again.

What if?

What if I went with his suggestion? What if I went back to Pinkerlee and kidnapped Robin?

But if I just wait he will come here. He will come to his Isellta. But what if he wimps out? What if he decides not to come?

Maybe kidnapping him is our best bet. Why should we wait and take chances? Why not rush forward and just grab him? What are the drawbacks? What are the bad consequences?

I can’t think of any.

It would make Dave happy. That is reason enough to do it.

“Dave. I’m going to do it.”


Hank stopped outside Mark Caten’s office. “I’m going to kidnap Robin.”

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