Part 1769 – Contrasting Lovers

Dave rolled onto his side and admired Mick’s long, skinny back.

I want him.

He reached over and grazed his finger down Mick’s spine. “Miiiick.”

“Ughn. Not now.”

He edged closer to him.”Miiiiiiick.”


“Please. Please, Mick. It’s been a long time since we—”

Mick sat up and glared at him. “I said, no. Go to sleep.”

Dave pulled his hand back. “Can I sleep in your arms?”

“Why? You think I’m going to run off on you?”

Dave bit his lower lip and refrained from mentioning all of the times he did just that.

Mick scoffed. “You don’t trust me, do you?”

“That isn’t it. I just. Mick. I love you. I want to show you how much I love you. I want to—”

He sighed. “This sounds like it’s going to become a long speech. I don’t have time for that. Unlike you, I do have a job.”

“I thought when I moved in with you that—”

“That what? What did you think, huh?”

Dave focused on his own hand. “That we’d get closer.”

“Closer? Do you even know how suffocating you are?”

Dave felt as if Mick had slapped him. He shook his head. “Never mind.” He turned away from him and bit his lower lip.

“And now you’re going to sulk because you didn’t get your way. Typical.”

The mattress shifted as Mick got out of bed.

Dave raised his head. “Where are you going?”

“Somewhere I can actually breathe.” He put on his usual clubbing clothes – a tight fitting tank top with strategically placed tears, low slung jeans with glow in the dark stitching, and leather cuff bracelets.

Dave lowered his gaze. “Can I come with this time?”

Mick sat on the bed to pull on his shoes. “Why? So you can spy on me? So you can dictate who I dance with?”

“I just want to be with you. I love you.”

Mick scoffed. “I wonder why I put up with you and your annoying neediness.” He stomped out of the room.


Dave opened his eyes and smiled. His lover’s arms hugged him and held him as close as he could. There was no way they could have been any closer without being naked. And they were still clothed.

He pressed the bridge of his nose against Hank’s shirt and inhaled his clean soap scent. “Mmmm. You smell so yummy.”

Hank yawned and opened his eyes. “Is it time to get up yet?”

“Not yet.”

“mmmm. You feeling better?”

Dave took a few minutes to really think it over. “Yes, but no. I’m happy being in your arms, but then I think about Doll Face.”

“I know. I feel the same way.”

“Haaaaank. Can’t you go and kidnap Robin? He will wake up Doll Face. I know it.” He closed his eyes in pleasure as Hank licked the whole outer rim of his right ear. “Ohhhh. Oh, Hank. Haaaaaank.”

“Mmm.” He kissed the side of Dave’s face. “Robin will come in a matter of hours.”

Dave opened his eyes. “But what if he’s too late? You saw Doll Face. He looks so weak. The poor, lovely thing. Is there really nothing else we can try?”

Hank kissed Dave’s chin. “I can’t think of anything else. I’ve tried, babe. Jay has tried everything he could think of.”  He kissed his lips, teasing him with just a touch of tongue.

Dave grabbed the sides of Hank’s head and kissed him passionately.

Hank rolled onto his back and looked up at him with desire and love. “If you asked me to, I’d run to Pinkerlee and kidnap Robin for you.”

“Not for me. For Doll Face.”

Hank shook his head. “Just for you, babe.”

“Eeeee! You’re so romantic!”

Hank laughed and kissed him again.

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