Part 1768 – “Be All Mine.”

Isellta winced as the tapping inside his skull turned into full pounding. He could feel it along the back curve of his eyes. He whimpered soft, small sounds with each hesitant breath.



His wings managed a slight flutter as Robin pulled him into his arms.

“It’s all right, my little fey.”

Isellta turned his head to the side. “ro….ro….bin.”

“My little fey.” He put his warm, moist mouth on the fey’s neck.

Isellta’s breath caught as Robin nibbled his neck. “oh…oh…” He struggled to exhale.

Robin bit a little harder.

Isellta exhaled and slumped into unconsciousness.


I should bite harder. Tear his skin. Shed his blood all over me. Stain Robin’s skin with his little fey’s blood.

The nae bi sha released his hold on Isellta’s neck. He contemplated Isellta’s young face.

He watched his slow inhale and exhale.

He licked the side of Isellta’s face. “Mmm. Delicious.”

Hours, Isellta.

Hours are all that you have left. Then.

The nae bi sha bared his shark-like teeth. “Then, you’ll be all mine, little fey.”


Maelin woke from a dream that she couldn’t classify as good or bad. In it, she was a full dragon with red enamel scales. As she flew through the sunlit sky, her wing hooks shined like silver and gleamed like gold. She opened her mouth wide and cried out in exuberant trumpets and joyful oboes.

She flew home to Jay and Isellta. She transformed into her human form and ran to them. They hugged – a small family of three.

Her wanderlust was gone.

In the dream, her wanderlust was gone.

Preyuna’s words echoed in her mind. “This is the dragon you will never be. You will never become skye. You will always live on land. You will always long for the sky and her silked touch. And that is the real reason why you can’t settle in one place for long.”

I wonder if that is true.

Maelin sat up and looked down at the two men sleeping on the bed – one human, one fey. She spread her hand on Jay’s side. “I don’t want to leave you, Jay, but I know it will happen again. Whatever the true reason for it may be, I will feel that need to leave and I will have to leave. Make me stay, Jay. Say the words to bind me to you. And I will be all yours.”

Jay sighed. “Mae.”

She laid down and curled closer to him. “Jay.” Her hand slid up to the middle of his chest. “I’m here. I’m still here.”

He relaxed.

She closed her eyes and relished the feel of his body.

Its heat.

Its nearness.

If only I could just stay with you, I would. You know I would.

“I love you, Jay.”

He sighed again – a sleepy, peaceful sigh. “Love you too.”

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