Part 1762 – Sammy’s Heading Home, But Ambrose And Robin Are Already Home.

The two men and Clarice unloaded the vases.

They spent the rest of the night cutting flowers to size, stuffing flower vases, and arranging the vases inside of the church.

The night quietly passed them by.


Sammy woke to the soft rumble of Deliosa’s purring. He considered staying with her. It was very tempting.

But he knew that he had to go.

He thrummed a low vibrating sound in the middle of his throat.

Deliosa woke and raised her head. What is it, Samer?

I’m sorry. I need to go home.


I can’t. I need to freshen up. Miss Addleston’s wedding is later tonight. I need to go home.

She rubbed her head against his throat. Do you still want me to come with?

Yes. Will you come?

Deliosa pulled her long neck back. I will go anywhere with you, Samer. And that is the truth.

Sammy pressed his silver head crest against the lower part of her throat. Then, I will see you tonight.

He backed away from her and leaped upwards.

Deliosa stayed on the ground and watched him become skye.


Sammy flew home on powerful wings. He didn’t worry about watching for landmarks. He simply followed his inner homing sense and it led him all the way back to Pinkerlee.

He landed in his front yard and transformed back into his human form.

The sound of joyful trumpets overhead made him look up at the sky.

Just as a dragon the color of sunrise flew on by.


She flew through the dawn.


Robin left the bathroom with a dry towel draped over his head. He half-heartedly scrubbed his wet hair a couple of times before just plain giving up. He walked over to his side of the bed and burrowed under the blankets with the towel still on his head.

“so tired.”

He closed his eyes.

The towel covered the side of his face.

The towel touched his eye and eyelashes in a light, annoying, creeping bug sort of way.

“Oh forget this!” He pulled the towel off his head and threw it at the wall.

Maybe it hit the wall.

Maybe it didn’t.

Robin didn’t particularly care. He settled down and quickly fell asleep.


Isellta sat in the middle of Robin’s bed.

At least, it was supposed to be Robin’s bed, but its size had been stretched into a ludicrously large square. Nine sumo wrestlers could have easily slept side-by-side on it with enough room for three fashion models.

Isellta sat all bunched up. He was dressed in a white tank top and black boxer shorts. His arms and legs were bare. His large, black wings lay limp along his sides.

“‘sellta.” Robin entered the room. “Is it you?”

Isellta raised his head.

“Is it really you?”

Tears fell freely down the fey’s face.

“What? What is it?” Robin came to the far right side of the bed. “Why you cryin’?”


Preyuna appeared next to him.

Robin snarled. “You filth. Get away from him. He ain’t yours!”

She clamped a metal collar around Isellta’s neck. “Who said he was yours?”

“Don’t matter none who said it. ‘sellta.” He held out his arms. “Come to me.”

A thick chain appeared on the bed. Preyuna attached it to his collar.

Isellta bowed his head.

“I said, come!”

Isellta pulled his shoulders forward.


His shoulders shook as he cried.

Preyuna smiled. “He’s mine.”



A hard punch to his back woke Robin. He opened his eyes and found Ambrose glaring at him.

“Stop all your yelling and get over here.”

“I weren’t yellin’.”

“Whatever. Just get over here.” Ambrose held out his arms.

Robin couldn’t resist such an invitation. He scooted over to the older vampire and curled up in his embrace.

“goasleep.” Ambrose murmured.

Robin burrowed his face into Ambrose’s navy blue tank top and inhaled his oak, mocha, and musk scent.


I’m definitely gonna miss this.

Surrounded by the warmth of Ambrose’s scent, Robin fell asleep.

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