Part 1758 – A Father And Unconscious Daughter Moment

Raven moved out of the way as the nurse took and recorded Missy’s vitals. Questions percolated in the back of his mind, but it was a very weak percolation.

Dawn was coming.

He could feel it sap his energy and drain his thinking ability.

“Okay!” The nurse smiled at the tired vampire. “Her numbers are still looking good. Do you have any questions?”

Raven nodded. Then, he realized that was the wrong gesture. He shook his head. “Tired.”

“Then, I’ll let you get your sleep.” He put his hand on Raven’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. She’ll be okay.”

“I know, sir.”

The nurse patted him a couple of times before wheeling his blood pressure cuff and assorted vital taking equipment out of the room.  He closed the door behind him.

Raven returned to Missy’s side. “I am sorry, Missy. I am sorry.” He sighed heavily. “I have gone and messed it all up. Everything was going so well between us and I ruined it all. I am sorry. Missy, will you forgive me? Can you forgive me?”

He watched her breathe.

In and out.



No glitches.

No hesitations.

Nothing to throw Raven into a panicked alert.

“Can you still hear me? When you come out of this unconscious state that you are in, will you…” His eyes teared up. “Missy. Will you still want me?”

She did not reply.

Jeff’s comforting smell engulfed Raven. “Go settle down. Get your sleep. I’m here, Raven. I’ll watch over her.”

Raven looked up at him.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry. She loves you, Raven.” He smiled kindly. “She made that more than clear. She won’t push you away. If she did, it would hurt her as much as it would hurt you.”

“Do you mean it, sir?”

“I do. Now, go settle down. She’s safe. I’ll keep her safe.”

“Thank you.” Raven sat down in Jeff’s vacated seat. He leaned his head back and exhaled a long, tired breath.

Jeff spoke to Missy in a subdued voice.

Raven could have eavesdropped. But he closed his eyes and fell asleep.


“Tessa. Wake up. As soon as you can, please wake up. Raven misses you.”

Jeff thought about Laura.

“He misses you so much. It breaks his heart to not hear your voice.”

Laura danced around the kitchen as she waited for the eggs to boil.

“To not see the sparkle in your eyes.”

She ran after Tessa. They both laughed loud and wild. It was a beautifully unrestrained sound.

“He misses your laugh.”

She sat beside him on their first Christmas Day. Neither one said a word. She leaned her head against him. His heart felt like fireworks and bonfires. He looked at their Christmas tree. She had helped him pick it out. It wasn’t quite a Charlie Brown tree, but it clearly needed ornaments and love.

“He misses everything about you. Don’t keep him waiting, Tess. Open your eyes and say his name.”

He scooped her up into his arms and she laughed out loud. He carried her across the threshold and into the living room. He twirled in a circle, slowly lowering her to the floor. Her arms curved around his neck. “I love you, Jeffrey Farsigh.”

“Tell him that whatever went wrong between you two doesn’t matter. All that matters is him and you.”

“Laura.” He sighed. “Baby, I’m sorry. Please. Please look at me.”

“That’s all that matters to him. I can tell.”

Laura looked at him as she said her vows. She looked at him as if they were completely alone, as if those sacred vows were all her own words coming straight out of her heart. “For better and for worse, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.”

“I know. Believe me, Tessa. I know.”

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