Part 1757 – “Why Are You The Lovering Machine?”

Hildreth ended the kiss with a happy, “mmm.”

Elsie opened her eyes and admired him. “So. You never answered my question. Why are you the Lovering Machine?”

He laughed. “It’s a ridiculous yet somehow awesome nickname, don’t you think?”

“Hildreth. Seriously.”

“Apparently, our lovering sessions have been interrupted so many times out here in the wild streets of Havaton that I’ve gotten a nice and sordid reputation as a Lovering Machine.”

Elsie stared at him.

“I guess they must assume I do all the instigating.” He smiled lovingly at her. “They apparently don’t know you that well. But, of course, they think of you as The Marauder. Soooo, maybe they think you aren’t capable of instigating romantic overtures to your hot hunting partner.”

“Not capable? Me?”

“I know! It’s ridiculous. Especially since I know how hot and lusty you feel about me. Can I mention my bruised hair follicles again?”

“I can’t help it. Whenever you touch me or kiss me, I need to grab you. I don’t know why but I just do.”

“Don’t feel bad about it, Els. I love it. When you grab my hair like that, it makes me feel good.”

Elsie shook her head. “I wonder if you realize just how perverted and wrong that sounds.”

He laughed. “Maybe, but it’s the truth. I love your fierceness. I always have. Always will. You’re my Elsie. My frizzy-headed wench.”

Elsie laughed at that.

“My lovely, amazing Marauder. I don’t want or need you to be less than what you are. Of course, with that being said, I do wonder how I’m going to survive our first time together.” He tapped his lips as he thought about it. “I guess I’ll have to take a certain amount of iron pills to fortify myself.”

“Iron pills don’t work like that.”

“Aww, too bad.” He took her hand and walked forward. “I’ll have to come up with a better plan then.”


Elsie walked beside him in silence.

A better plan.

I could try.

At least for our first time, I could try to be gentle.

But he loves my fierceness. It seems to turn him on.

But I don’t want to accidently hurt the idiot.

So, I’ll try. I’ll try to be careful.

I’ll try to be gentle.

And I’ll show him how much I love him.

How much I want him.

He’ll see it.

He’ll feel it.

And he will know that he’s the only one I truly desire.

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