Part 1749 – The Plain And Simple Truth

Rebecca pulled Ambrose into the house. “Well?”

His heart and brain seemed to have switched places, because he could feel every beat of his heart inside his skull.

“Will you comfort me in this, my hour of need?”

“Yes. Oh, yes.” He kissed her to the frenzied beat of his heart.

Rebecca threw her head back and laughed, a warm and throaty laugh. She laid her hands on his chest and pushed him back. “When I asked you to comfort me, I was thinking of something more intimate than mere kissing. Ambrose, I want more.”

He panted. “So do I.”

She unbuttoned his close-fitting jacket with practiced ease. 

He reached up and untied her hair ribbons. 

She dropped his jacket on the floor.

He dropped her hair ribbons on top of his jacket. He ruffled her hair out of its carefully arranged style. “You are so beautiful.”

She untied the muslin around his neck. “Yes, I am.” She untucked his shirt and pulled it off.

Ambrose swooped in and kissed her over and over. He pressed his body against her. The prickly-sweet sensation of arousal gripped him. He moaned hungrily for more.

“Oh, yes.” Rebecca said. “You will definitely comfort me.”


This is ridiculous. Why am I sitting over here? Barbara is Barbara. She will not lure me into her house and sweet talk me into sleeping with her.

She is not Rebecca.

She is better than Rebecca. She is good and innocent and pure.

But I am not.

He pressed his forehead against his wrists.

I’m not, but I’m trying. I’m trying my best to be someone worthwhile, to overcome my faults and weaknesses, to deserve someone like Barbara. I want to be someone she can be proud of.

I want to be someone…

I want to be better than I am. And that is the truth. The plain and simple truth.

Her front door opened and closed.

Her semi-sweet chocolate and vanilla bean scent dissipated.

Ambrose raised his head.

Robin stood alone on the front porch. He walked down the steps and headed over to his fellow vampire. “Hey, I’m impressed. You managed to stay put.”

“Told you I could control myself.”

Robin grabbed Ambrose’s hands and pulled him up to his feet. “Let’s head on home before it gets too late.”

Ambrose looked over at the front door. “Is she upset that I didn’t come to her?”

“Nah. I explained the situation and she got it. Like I said before, she ain’t stupid.”

“I know.”


Barbara leaned back against the front door. She hugged the library book.

I should open the door so I can watch him leave.

But I’d just wind up running after him. I know I would. He has that effect on me.


She closed her eyes.

I want to marry him.

I can’t wait to marry him.

I can’t wait to see him come home to me every night. To be able to run to him. To feel his arms around me.

I want him.

It’s the plain and simple and soul-melting truth. I want him to become a part of my every day life.

I love him.

And that is the truth.

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