Part 1748 – Arrival At Barbara’s House

As they walked the long curved road leading towards Barbara’s house, Ambrose couldn’t breathe or swallow. His heart pounded inside his head.

I want to turn around and run in the opposite direction, which is ridiculous and nonsensical and…and…

He managed to take a breath and exhale.

Just need to keep breathing.

Keep walking.

Stay in control.

Need to stay in control.

He looked over at Robin.

Need to prove him wrong.

Need to show him that I’m not just a mess of raging hormones. I do have some semblance of self control.

I will stay in control.

Need to stay in control.

Can’t lose it.

I will not lose it. Not in front of him. I will not…

Ambrose saw her house up ahead.

Oh, darnation.

Robin snorted.

Ambrose tightened his grip on the library book.

I can do this.

I can do this.


Just breathe.

The two vampires approached Barbara’s driveway.

Ambrose focused on the book in his grip.

On the cover.

Its pattern.

Its hardness.

Its weight.

He walked past her car.

What if Sarah’s awake?

What if she wants me to come in and finish reading it? I guess I’ll have to tell her no, but how do I explain the reason why?

He approached the front porch.

Robin gave him a concerned look. “You okay? You look like you’re gonna spew chunks ev’rywhere.”

“I’m fine.” His voice came out a lot huskier than he’d planned.

“Darnation. You e’en sound like you’re gonna puke.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Uh-huh. Riiight. Tell you what. Give me the book and I’ll give it to her.”

Ambrose stopped. “But.”

“I get you’re all anxious about seein’ her on her own turf. I get it. I’ll be the same way when I go see ‘sellta. I’ll prob’ly be worse.”

Ambrose looked down at the hardbacked book in his hands. “I. I want to see her.”

“I know.”

“I can control myself. I can do this.”

“You can also give yourself a hernia. Let me do this for you, Am’rose.”

Ambrose focused on the book’s embossed title. “She’ll think I’m avoiding her.”

“Dummy. Idiot. Above average stupidhead. She ain’t stupid like you, you know. She’ll get it. She knows how hot and steamy you get about her. Ev’ryone does. Even Sarah.”

Ambrose choked out a laugh. “That’s very…reassuring?”

Robin smiled. “Good. That’s what I was aimin’ for.”

Ambrose reluctantly handed over the book. “You try hitting on Barbara, I will tackle you and—”

“Yeah. Yeah. You’ll pummel my fangs out. Got ya. Go soak your hormones.”

“My hormones are just fine.”

Robin scoffed. “Yeah. Right.”




I’m here.

Barbara startled awake.

I’m here.

She scrambled out of bed and ran downstairs.



She ran all the way to the front door, unlocked it, and whipped it open.

Robin stood on the other side. He smirked. “Darnation. And here I thought Ambrose had it bad. Looks like you’re e’en worse.”

“Wha?” Barbara felt overly aware of her bedhead. She tried to smooth it down. “Where’s Ambrose?”

“Over there.” Robin said, pointing at her car.

Ambrose sat against the driver’s side door with his legs all bunched up. His arms were sprawled on top of his knees and his hands hung limp. He stared adamantly at a tree across the street.

“Is he okay? Why? Why is he over there? Why isn’t he here?”

“We both agreed it’s for his own good. He was gettin’ all stressed out and queasy.”


Robin gave Barbara an exasperated look that reminded her of Sarah. “Oh, come on. You can’t be that naïve. You can at least guess.”



She frowned. “He was stressed out about seeing me again?”

“Yep.” He handed her the book. “Here you go.”

She took it. “Is he mad at me?”

Robin scoffed. “More like mad for you.” His expression softened into concern. “You will be good to him, won’t you? I mean, once you guys are all married and such. You will take care of him, right?”


“You promise? You won’t go breakin’ his heart or nothin’?”

“I promise. I will love him till I die.”

Robin nodded. “Good.”

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