Part 1741 – Banter On The Phone

Hildreth took her hand as they resumed their patrol.

His hand is calloused and warm.

Hard but soft.

Powerful but gentle.

Elsie looked up at him.

He’s going to be an amazing lover. I just know it.

If I don’t accidently knock him out.

I want to be soft for him and touch him with love, but I have a bad feeling that is not going to happen. I love him too much.

I want him too much.

After all of these interruptions and games of nope not yet, I won’t be able to hold back. I know myself.

But I will try my best to just love him. I need to focus on just loving him. I don’t want to hurt him.

I do not want him to go back to his fake harem at the hospital. He’s mine.

He will always be just mine.

Hildreth looked down at her and grinned. “Do I want to know what you’re thinking about?”

“You. You’re mine, Hildreth. You don’t belong to anyone else. You’re mine.”

“Mmm. And there’s that sneaky possessive streak of yours. I wonder if that should bother me.”

“Does it bother you?”

He chuckled. “No. After seeing you be all wobbly-eyed about that crummy vampire, I love the fact that you feel this way about me. It makes me feel good about myself.”

“You’re strange.”

“Not at all.” He tapped his lips with his finger. “Okay. Maybe I am a little strange. Jeff would probably say I’m flat out weird, which is true. Huh. Speaking of which, I wonder how he’s doing.”

“You wonder about a lot of things, don’t you?”

“Oh, baby. You have no idea.” He pulled out his cell phone and called Jeff’s number.


“Sir.” Raven looked up at Jeff. “If you really must know Ambrose’s back story, I recommend asking him.”

“So, you’re not going to tell me.”

“It is not my story to tell, sir.”

Jeff thought about it.

“I do not know if he wants you to know of his past. Perhaps he does. Perhaps he does not. I will not make any assumptions and betray his trust.”

“I guess I can understand that.”

Jeff’s phone rang.

Jeff smiled as he recognized the ring tone. He answered the call. “Hey. Is this Hildreth Mayhew?”

“Depends on whether or not this is Jeff Farsigh.”

“Oh, I don’t know. It might be.”

“Ah. Then, this just might be Hildreth Mayhew. Or I could be a phantasm of your imagination.”

Jeff laughed. “Oh, you wish.”

Hildreth laughed.

“So, what are you up to, ya dweeb?”

“The usual. Flirting wildly with my Elsie and staking vampires. Not at the same time, unfortunately. I haven’t quite figured out how to multitask like that.”


Hildreth laughed again. “What about you? How’s your daughter?”

“Alive. She’s still unconscious, but she’s still alive.”

“You okay?”

“Yeah. Especially since I’m talking to you.”

“Aww! You’re gonna make me blush.”

Jeff scoffed. “Yeah, right. Don’t worry about me. I’m fine. I have Raven here with me.”

“Please tell me that he has a shirt on.”

“No worries there. He’s completely dressed from neck to toenails.”

“Well, that’s a load off my mind. And off yours too, I imagine.”

Jeff looked at the vampire.

Raven had picked up the book and resumed reading it.

“Yeah. I wasn’t too keen on him standing around half-naked in my daughter’s hospital room.”

“I can only imagine. Do you need me to come, Jeff?”

“No. I’m fine. Trust me, I’m fine. You don’t have anything to worry about. You just keep your focus on not getting yourself changed, bitten, or killed before Sunday.”

“Or after Sunday.”

Jeff chuckled. “Or after Sunday.”

“You will come, right? You will be there for my wedding, right?”

“Dweeb. I wouldn’t miss it for anything. Tsunachu and I will be there.”


Hildreth grinned. “I’m looking forward to it.”

“Oh! I forgot to tell you. Darius is over here.”

Hildreth’s grin faltered. “Over…where?”

“Here in the hospital. Apparently, some vamp tried to take a slice out of him.”

“Is he okay? What…”

Was it Ambrose?

“Did he…”

Was it Ambrose?

“Don’t worry, Hildreth. He’s all right. He’s determined to come to your wedding. We’re all counting on seeing you dressed up all nice and fine in a tuxedo. You’d better not get cold feet and disappoint us.”

Hildreth looked at Elsie. “Don’t you worry about that. My feet are all toasty warm. Not a chance they’ll catch cold.”

“I sure hope that isn’t some sort of innuendo.”

Hildreth fake-gasped. “As if I would speak dirty and suggestive to you. Why, I’m just so appalled by the insinuation I just might wilt like the dainty lily I am.”

“Ha! You? A dainty lily? I don’t think so. Don’t forget. I’ve seen you fight. I know just how undainty you are.”

“Undainty, huh?”


“Hmm.” Hildreth tapped his finger along the side of the phone. “I feel like there’s a suggestive joke hidden in there somewhere. Hmmm.”

“You wish. I’m gonna let you go so you can hunt without any distractions. Be safe, Dweeb.”

“Always. I am the very soul of safety.”

“What the heck does that even mean?”

Hildreth thought about it. “No idea, but it sounds good.”

“Dweeb. I’ll see you on Sunday.”

“See ya.”

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