Part 1736 – Raven And Missy Alone

Raven shifted his weight to his other hip. “But really? Could you blame me for jumping in like that? I mean, standing back and looking at it from over here where it’s nice and safe, I don’t see what I could have done differently. I know I wouldn’t have done one thing differently. Not one thing. I am so cool with how this all went down. So, yeah. End Freeze Frame and back to the story….Devin sat up and rubbed the back of his head. “Okay. Sooo, that just happened.” Maurice punched him in the face.  Again. “Stop punching my face! You’re going to make me ugly!”

Missy’s hands flexed.

Raven stopped reading. “Missy? Can you hear me?”

Her eyes stayed closed.

She did not respond.

Raven set the book down on the bed. He removed his gloves, laid them flat on top of the book, and took her closest hand.

Her fingers moved restlessly, tapping his hand in erratic patterns like an amateur Morse Code operator playing it by ear.

“What are the words I can say? What am I supposed to do? How can I pull you out of that darkness you are hiding in? Can you hear my voice? Can you feel my touch? I am here, Missy. I am waiting for you to wake.”

He paused, waiting for a response.

None came.

He cleared his throat. “It is late. Miss Addleston went home. She took Sarah with her. Ambrose walked them out to the car.” He smiled. “Sarah seems to be quite fond of him. I suppose I ought not be surprised. He can be quite charming when he puts some effort into it. He certainly has her charmed. She does not seem to have any opinion of me, which is all for the best. After all, there is only one XQ who truly matters to me and it is you. Just you, Missy. I love you. Do you hear me? Can you hear my voice? I am here.”

Her hand calmed down.

He kissed it. “I am here with you. I will stay with you all night. I can only hope that Ambrose and Robin will not burn the house down in my absence. Or worse, do terrible things to their tuxedos. If they do anything to ruin those tuxedos, I swear I will make them repair the damages, even if it takes them all day to do so.”

The nurse entered the room. “Hello! My name is Scott. I’ve come to give Ms. Farsigh here a new IV bag.” As the nurse went about his business, Raven kept watching Missy.

I could enter her mind to see what is happening, to see why she has not woken yet.

He brushed his fingers against her face.

It is tempting.

Yet, I promised her father that I would not do so.

So, I will not do so.

I will respect his wishes.

“There we go! All set. Did you have any questions? Did you need anything?”

Raven shook his head.

“Okay! I’ll be back in a couple of hours to check her vitals. I’ll leave you two alone.” Scott left the room.

“Do I need anything?” He looked down at Missy. “I just need you to wake up. That is all I need.”

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