Part 1727 – Spying On Isellta Again.

“Hey, kid.” Jay swept the fey’s bangs off to the side. “Robin’s coming. Not today, of course. He’s… But he’s coming. On Sunday. This Sunday. Barely a day away. He’s coming. You will wake up for him, right?” He cleared his throat. “He’d be sorely disappointed if you don’t.”

Maelin put her hand on Jay’s shoulder. “He will come, Jay.”

He bowed his head. “I know.”

She sat behind him and leaned her body against his back.

She felt him sigh. “Sweetheart, Isellta will wake for him. I know he will.”

Jay didn’t respond to that.

“I know, sweetheart. I know it doesn’t seem likely right now. All of the odds seem to be out of his favor.”

“He’s wasting away.”

“I know.”

A moment of silence passed between them.



“Could you check on him? See what’s happening in there?”

She sat back on her feet. “I could, but the odds are neither of us will like what I see.”

“I don’t care. I need to know if he’s…I need to know.”

Her gaze traveled down the length of his back.

So strong.

So well put together.

And he’s mine. All mine.

“Please, Mae.”

“I love you.” She kissed the back of his neck just below his hairline. “You are everything I love.”

“And I love you. There will never be a day when I don’t love you.”

“I know.” Maelin scooted next to Jay and laid her hands along the sides of Isellta’s face. She closed her eyes.



The dragonfly flew through the layers of darkness, all the way down to where it knew Isellta was.

The darkness was thick and sticky, but the dragonfly pushed and zrrted its way through.

Until, at last, it found him.

Isellta looked a lot like he did in the real world.




Struggling to breathe.

But, unlike the real world, he was in Robin’s arms.

Robin turned his head and snarled. “Go away, gnat. He’s mine.” He transformed into his true self – a shadowy beast with cold, glowing eyes. “He’s all mine.”

The dragonfly charged forward and zrrted past Isellta’s ear.

He didn’t open his eyes.

The dragonfly tried again.

He didn’t react.

It tried again.

The nae bi sha laughed. “He’s mine! All MINE!”


Maelin opened her eyes.


She got off the bed and stood there, silently staring at her hands.

Jay came to her. “Mae. What did you see?”

“He’s unconscious there too.” She lowered her hands. “I tried to wake him. I tried, Jay, but he didn’t react at all.”

“But. But he’s still alive, right? He’s still in one piece, right?”

‘Yes. The nae bi sha hasn’t taken any bites out of him. Not yet.”

He managed a slight smile. “Well, that’s…that’s good, at least. Will he wake up when Robin comes?”

She hugged him.


She didn’t respond.

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