Part 1724 – Mark Caten And Preyuna Have Big Plans For Sunday.

White snow splotched with red.

Red drops.

Red smears.

Ambrose Smith stood in the middle of the red-stained snow. He bared his fangs in a fierce smile.

Mark Caten shook his head. “No. My little girl. My—”

The vampire threw his head back in a coarse and vile laugh. “Poor Caten. Looks like you lose. You lose, Caten, and I win.” He scooped up a handful of the bloody snow. “I get what I want.” He patted it into a decent snowball. “You get nothing, but this.” He threw it at his former employer.

The snowball hit Mark Caten in the face and trickled thick down his skin. He inhaled the hard, warm smell of blood.

My daughter’s blood.

Olessa’s blood.

My little girl.

Mark didn’t wipe it away. He left the blood on his skin, hoping that it would penetrate his pores and become one with him. “I will make you pay for this, Ambrosia.”

Ambrose laughed again.

Tears stung Mark Caten’s eyes. “I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!”


Mark Caten jolted awake. He lay there, panting and trembling.

My little girl.

My baby.

I love you so much.

I’m so proud of…so proud. Of.

He rolled over onto his side, but the throat-crushing pain followed him. The pain squeezed his neck, making it difficult for him to breathe.



Tears trailed to the bridge of his nose and dripped down to the pillow.

I will make him suffer for what he’s done to us.

Ambrosia will suffer.

When that vampire comes here on Sunday, I’ll convince him to steal what Ambrosia treasures the most and bring whatever/whoever it is back here to me. Ambrose will come running.

I’ll beat him down.

I’ll make him grovel.

I’ll make him crawl.

And then I’ll stake him.

Then, my dear crème brulee, you’ll be able to rest in peace.

And so will I.

He rolled onto his other side and grabbed Preyuna.

She moaned softly as he pulled her towards himself.

“But at least I have you to comfort me, my dear crumbly cupcake. Whatever would I do without you? Besides, you know, spend a lot of time and effort trying to find that right woman to share my bed.” He grabbed her neck. “But I’d never be able to find someone as fiery as you.” He squeezed her neck. “My dear five hot pepper cupcake.”


Mark Caten’s fingers gripped Preyuna’s neck.

She felt it in her sleep.

It woke her, but she kept her eyes closed.

If I don’t react, he’ll give up.

I will not react.

I will not give him anything to gloat over.

I will stay still with my eyes closed and he won’t hurt me.

I will think of Isellta and I will not react to this monster’s manhandling.



That stupid boy. How can he let himself be so deeply fooled? I don’t understand it. Why does that ugly, ruined-faced vampire have such a strong hold on him? Why him? It doesn’t make sense.


Things will change.

Of course, they will.

When Robin comes on Sunday, he will kill Mark for me. Because…well. Why wouldn’t he?

Mark Caten will die.

I’ll let Robin see Isellta one last time.

Then, I’ll take Isellta home with me. He will be mine. All mine.

Not Robin’s.

He will never be Robin’s ever again.

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