Part 1709 – I Will Sing No Requiem.

Mrs. Sophia Hastings, widow.

That’s who I am now. What I am.

A widow.

She covered Robin with his blanket. “Good night, sweetie.”

He rolled onto his back and looked up at her with tears in his large brown eyes. “Mama. Is Daddy comin’ home?”

She bit her lower lip and tried to not have a full meltdown. Robin didn’t need to see her melt. “No. No, baby. Daddy.” She cleared her throat. “Daddy’s not coming home ever again.”

His tears fell. “I sorry, Mama. I didn’t wanna come up on the bed. I sorry. I didn’t like the sounds he was makin’ and it smelled weird and—”

She pulled him into her arms. “It isn’t your fault.”

He broke down. His voice warped and wobbled as he asked, “Then, why he not comin’ back?” 

Coming back.

An idea entered her mind and she didn’t push it out.

I could get him cloned. There’s that place Sally Jennings went to get her husband cloned. What was it called?

The Institute.

I should do it.

She looked down at the little boy crying in her arms. How could I not do it?

For him.

For us.

She kissed Robin’s head. We need this. We need Peter back.


Sophia looked at the young man crying in her arms. “I’m sorry, Robin.”

“Not your fault.”

“No. It is my fault. It was selfish of me to bring him back like that and expect everything to go back to normal. I thought he’d be glad to step in where Peter left off.” She stroked Robin’s hair. “I thought he’d be happy with us. I didn’t think there’d be any consequences. I thought I was doing something good. Something right. Something for you and me, not just for me. I thought this was something that we both needed. I thought he’d need us too.” She kissed his head. “I’m sorry it all turned out so wrong.”

“Still ain’t your fault.” Robin raised his head and rubbed away his tears. “It’s his fault. He’s the one who ditched us. He saw how much we needed him and he didn’t freakin’ need us back. He’s the one who was selfish.” He rubbed his eyes again. “All the way to the end. So, we shouldn’t get all weepy over him. He don’t deserve our tears, the flamin’ jerk. He don’t deserve nothin’. No tears. No dirges. No requiems. He deserves to be forgotten.”

She shook her head. “No one deserves to be forgotten, Robin. Not even him.”

He sniffled and laid his head against her. “I’m sorry.”


John opened his mouth wide. “Ahhh.”

Clarice put the ice cream and hot fudge laden spoon into his mouth.


“Told you they had good ice cream here. And you didn’t believe me.” She wagged her index finger in disapproval. “Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.”

He swallowed. “You’re wrong. This ice cream isn’t good.”


He grinned. “It’s very good.”

She laughed.

John’s phone rang. He answered it. “Hi. This is John. Oh! Father Landover…Is there a problem? Now? Wh—why?” He exhaled relief. “Okay. I’ll come. Don’t worry, Father. We’ll get it all sorted out. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Thanks.” He ended the call.

“What’s wrong?”

John skimmed his spoon through the hot fudge sauce. “Apparently, there’s something amiss with the flowers we ordered for Barbara’s wedding. After we’re done here, I’m going to head on over to Father Landover’s to see what’s going on.” He put his spoon into his mouth.

“Do you want me to come with, John?”

He set the spoon back into the ice cream bowl. “Could you…could you say my name again?”

She smiled affectionately. “John.”

He nodded. “Come with me, Clarice.”


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