Part 1704 – “Who Am I?”

LM cowered before the other man. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t do it.”

The vampire snarled and punched his face. “You scummy little half-breed. THIS IS YOUR JOB!”

LM cried out as he punched him again.

“You don’t get to pick and choose. If you’re told to change into someone—” Another punch. “—you change into that someone. You don’t get to tell anyone no. No matter how outlandish their request.” Another punch. “You do as you’re told, boy.”


Who am I?



A full assortment of insults and cruel nicknames.


That’s all I am.

He averted his gaze. “I don’t know my real name nor my schie a kehn. The people at The Institute called me LM. So, that’s my name.”

“What do you want? If you’ve come to steal my daughter away,  I swear—”

“No. I haven’t come to steal anyone. I just wanted information.”

Jeff tightened his grip on the half-fey’s shirt. “About what?”

“I wanted to know who all survived the fire at The Institute.”

Jeff glared at him. “Do you really think anyone in that room knows or cares who survived?”

LM shrugged. “There are two XQ’s in that room. I believe that they would care.”

Jeff gave him a hard, searching look.

“I don’t want anything else from either of them. I swear I don’t.”

“How can I trust you? I don’t even know you.”

LM bowed his head. “You can’t. I guess it’s that simple. If you let me go, I’ll leave you and your XQs alone.”

“You’re giving up that easily?”

LM raised his head. “What are my alternatives? If I try rushing into that room, you’ll grab me and beat me up some more. I am not stupid.”

Jeff’s expression changed, became more thoughtful.

But he still held onto LM.

“My daughter is unconscious. The doctor’s say that her prognosis is good. She will wake up eventually. You’re fey.”


“Whatever. Point is, you have fey in you. Can you do anything to wake her up now?”

LM’s mind raced.

If I say yes, he’ll let me in. He’ll let me get close to her. I’ll be able to touch her and enter her mind. I’ll be able to see if she knows anything about who survived.


I don’t have the ability to wake unconscious people. I could lie and say I do. But my inability will speak for itself.

He’ll beat me up if I can’t do it.

I’m sure he will.

I don’t want to be hit again.

LM shook his head. “If I were full fey, I’d be able to do that. I’m not full fey.”

A pained expression came over the human’s face. He released LM. “Then, get the heck out of here.”

“I’m sorry.”


LM considered arguing the point that he didn’t have anywhere to go to. But he didn’t think that the human would care. He straightened his mussed up shirt and left.

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