Part 1700 – “Talk To Me. I’ll Listen.”

His hair.

His neck.

His back.

His wings.

Those ridiculous, beautiful wings.


“My ‘sellta.”

I wanna take you all in. Every little bit of you.

“Can you stay? Isellta, can’t you stay?”

“I can’t.” His voice was a soft and gentle apology.

The trembling in Robin’s legs worsened. He hugged Isellta tighter, pressed his body against him.

Only to discover that didn’t help matters at all. It actually made things worse. His face warmed. “Isellta. Kiss me. Please kiss me. I need you to kiss me.”

Isellta pulled out of his embrace. “I’m sorry, but it’s better if I don’t.”


He did a slow up and down scan of Robin’s front side. “You seem to be pretty worked up. If I kiss you, you will cross a line I’m not willing to cross with you.” Kalyla turned back into his true form. “I’m sorry, Robin.”

Disappointment crushed him. “Yeah, I bet you are.” He turned to leave. “Oh, darnation! This ain’t the first floor.”


“This is your floor. So, why don’t you get off?”

“Because I can’t leave you like this.”

“Sure you can. Just go. Get out of here.”

And I’m pushin’ him away.

Always pushin’ away.

Darn it! What’s wrong with me? Why am I like this?

Robin sank to his knees and bowed his head.


My Isellta.

Kalyla knelt.

A moment of silence passed between them.

“Tell me about Antioch.” Kalyla said. “What happened to him?”

“What do you care? You ain’t even knowin’ him.”

“Because you need to talk to someone about it. And I am here. So, talk to me. I’ll listen.”

Robin rubbed his tears away with the heels of his hands. “For starters, Antioch got turned into a vampire. Raven changed him and he was all ‘I am your lord and master. Ha-HAA!’, which Antioch resented big time. So, I don’t know. I guess he tried to break Raven’s lord’s privilege over him. Don’t know how.”

“Fey magic. It’s the only thing that can break a vampire’s bond with his lord.”

“And I guess you’d know all about that.”

Kalyla smiled. “Not personally. I’ve never been asked to perform such a spell.”

“Well, whatever. Anyway, he tried and tried and tried and boom! He freakin’ lost his mind and went all crazy.”

Kalyla’s smile fell. “It shouldn’t have been that difficult. One attempt should have been enough to break it. Was the person wielding the magic a full fey?”

“How the heck would I know that?”

Kalyla ignored the rhetorical question. “It makes a difference. If the magic user were full fey, one attempt would have been enough. If the magic user were only half-fey, well. I guess it all depends on what the other half is.”

“It don’t matter none now. He’s dead and gone. Literally gone. Like there ain’t even a body for me to bury or look at or nothin’. He just up and poofed! Which is so freakin’ typical of him.”

“I’m sorry, Robin.”

“Ain’t nothin’ for you to be sorry over. Ain’t your fault.” Robin stood. “I gotta go.” He took Kalyla’s hands and helped him up. “Thanks.”

The fey tilted his head. “For what?”

“For listenin’ to me. For bein’ so patient and…just bein’ there. Thanks.”

“Are you okay?”

Robin shrugged. “Ask me after I talk to my mom. Gotta go.”

“But this isn’t the right floor.”

“It’s okay. I’ll take the stairs. It’s just one flight. I can manage that.”

Kalyla took Robin’s hands and held them. “I said it before and I’ll gladly say it again. Isellta is fortunate to have someone like you.”

“What? Me with my habit of shovin’ people away from me? Oh, yeah. He’s so freakin’ lucky.”

“He is.” Kalyla looked into his eyes. “You have feelings for other people, but Isellta is the only one you desire.”

Robin jerked his hands out of the fey’s grip and took a step back.

“And he means everything to you.”

Robin couldn’t dispute any of the fey’s words, because they were all true. “He does.”

The elevator door opened and a couple on crutches came aboard.

Robin left.

7 thoughts on “Part 1700 – “Talk To Me. I’ll Listen.””

        1. It will definitely come…at the right time. 😉

          I am so looking forward to writing Robin and Isellta’s big reunion scene. It will be awesome and such a relief to finally have them together again. It will probably be one of my favorite scenes to write, especially after this whole long build up.

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