Part 1677 – And We’re Finally Back To Raven! Yes!

Raven’s stomach growled and grumbled and, all in all, set up a general fuss and alarm.

He had slept too long.

Raven groaned and opened his eyes.


He stood.

Jeff wasn’t in the room.

Raven walked over to Missy’s bed.

Maybe it was his imagination or maybe it was just his hunger, but her scent seemed stronger than usual.

He took her hand.


He looked down at her hand.

At the needles poked into her skin and the IV lines taped against her skin.

And her hand was soft and warm.

Raven smiled sadly as he remembered what happened last time he bit her. “How long has it been, Missy, since that night in the abandoned school library? Has it been a couple of months or a couple of years? It is so hard to be certain.”


“How long has it been since you have looked at me and spoken to me? When did you last call me your pretty shirtless Raven?” He kissed her hand. “When will you wake?”

The door opened and Raven’s whole troupe tromped into the room.

He released Missy’s hand.

Ambrose came over to him. “How is she?”

Raven swallowed and his stomach growled.

Ambrose frowned. “Have you eaten yet?”

“No, sir. I have been asleep. I—”

“Don’t talk. Go hunt. Come back here and we’ll talk then. Okay?”

Raven nodded and left the room.


Raven clenched his teeth as he walked down the hall.

Scent after scent hit and bit him.

Good scents.

Bad scents.

Scents of life.

Scents of death.










He shook his head.

I cannot bite anyone here. They are taking care of Missy. I cannot—-

He caught the scent of hot buttered rum.

He stopped in the middle of the hall and inhaled.

His mouth watered.

His eyes glazed over as he followed the scent.

It led him to a closed door.

He knocked on it.

“Come in.”

He entered the room.

All of the lights were off.

The TV suspended from the ceiling was on, but there was no volume. Someone had put it on mute.

The TV shined its flickering light on a young woman covered up in the hospital bed.

Raven walked through the near darkness and stopped at her side.

She looked up at him with weary eyes. Her skin was stretched tight, highlighting the shape of her facial bones. Looking at her was like looking at a skull. “Are you death?” Her voice was raspy and exhausted.

Raven considered the question. “I could be.”

“Have you come for me? Please say yes. I’m ready. I’ve been ready for a long time.”

Raven lowered the bed rail and sat on the bed. “I am a vampire.”

“Then, kill me. End my suffering, my loneliness.”

It would be an easy thing to do. I am so hungry and her scent is so delicious.

Yet, I have not come here to kill.

Only to satisfy my hunger and nothing more.

He took her thin, delicate wrist. She offered no resistance. It was like lifting a pencil. So light and easy.

Like lifting fragile glass. So easy to shatter.

“Do you have any blood contagious diseases?”

She limply shook her head.

“Close your eyes.” he said softly.

She obeyed.

“I am sorry, miss, but this will hurt.”

“That’s okay.”

He bared his fangs and sank them into her wrist.

She didn’t cry out.

She didn’t arch her back from the pain.

She laid still. Even as her tears fell.

He felt a deep sense of relief as he drank her hot buttered rum scented blood.

Maybe it was his own relief.

Maybe it was hers.

It was honestly hard to tell.

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