Part 1676 – There’s So Much Desire Happening In This Chapter, The Elevator Should Be On Fire.

Robin shoved the phone at Ambrose, who reclaimed it.

“What hap—”

Robin bristled. “We gonna stand around here all night? Seems like that would be the stupidest waste of time.” He strode towards the elevators.

But what if he is dyin’?

Jay didn’t say he were, but he sure was actin’ like it. So, what if Isellta is dyin’?

Well, duh.

He stopped at the elevators and punched the call button.

If I knew he were dyin’, I’d run to him. No questions asked.

How could I stay away? Even at the risk of ruinin’ Ambrose’s weddin’, I’d go runnin’ to him.

The doors opened.


“Robin!” Ambrose caught up to him. He’d somehow found a way to disengage himself from Sarah’s fierce grip. “Hey.”

The younger vampire crossed the threshold.

Ambrose blanched.

“Don’t go makin’ faces like that. I ain’t climbin’ all them stairs. You wanna do it? Fine. Go have at it.”

Barbara and Sarah came aboard without any hesitation.

Ambrose drew his shoulders forward and followed suit. He glanced at the three walls as if he were expecting the elevator to turn into an Indiana Jones-styled trap.

“Ambrose.” Barbara said gently.

He looked at her.

I want her to touch me.

I want her to hold me.

If she held me, I’d feel—

Robin hit the button and the elevator ascended.

Ambrose could feel his face turn pale. He retreated to the nearest wall and sat against it. He brought his knees up.

I hate these things. I hate them so much.

He closed his eyes and pressed his forehead against his knees.

The elevator ascended slowly.

What if it gets stuck?


I’d be trapped.

Can’t escape.

Need to escape.

A hand touched his knee.

He exhaled a roughened breath. “Barbara.”


Sarah knelt by Ambrose and laid her hand on his knee.

Barbara’s jealousy spiked.

That should be me. I should be the one touching him to comfort him. Not her. It shouldn’t be her.

It should be me.

Barbara’s knees trembled as she admired him.

The blackness of his hair.

His hair’s unruliness.

How good he looked in his hoodie.

She thought about the hoodie’s zipper.

She imagined touching it, pulling it down.

She imagined his bare skin underneath.

She remembered the feel of his skin. Its warmth. Its softness. The strength of his bones.

Barbara huffed out a sigh.

And this is precisely why we can’t touch until after we’re married.

She retreated to the opposite wall, but her body ached with the need to draw closer to him. To touch him again. To comfort him.

I just want to comfort him.

My poor kitten.


Robin slouched next to Ambrose and folded his arms across his chest.

Maybe I should go.

I ain’t gonna feel any good ’til I can see him. Really see my ‘sellta again.

I should go.

E’en if he ain’t dyin’, I should go to him.

I need to go to him.


My Isellta.

Don’t be dyin’. I need you.

Just you.

You stupid fey.

He closed his eyes and he could see Isellta’s face.

My lovely, stupid fey.

My ‘sellta.

I need you.

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