Part 1660 – Ambrose And A Teenaged Boy

Ambrose clenched his teeth as his hunger surged. He put Robin’s phone on the bed, grabbed his own phone, and ran out the door.

Down the hall.

Down the stairs.

Out into the foyer.

He ran all the way outside to the night’s beck and call.


Robin entered the busy center of town and right away found a car that made a perfect perch. He had no idea what make or model it was. It was some sort of minivan and the roof was just high enough for his likings.

He folded his legs Indian-style and watched the people passing by.

What would we vampires do if cities did an enforced curfew at night?

I guess we’d have to go after homeless people and curfew breakers. Or we’d just have to get ourselves a blood letter to keep at home.

He closed his eyes and sniffed the air.

What would ‘sellta think about that? Would it matter all that much to him?

Robin opened his eyes.

What’s it matter? He don’t want me. He’s got her. What’s he need me for? Just to play around with? To amuse himself at my freakin’ expense?

Yeah, that’s totally what I want in my life. To be used by some fey.


He ain’t just some fey.

He’s my ‘sellta.

At least, he was.

Ain’t got a clue what he is now.

Robin perked up as he caught a whiff of garlic and cheese.

It ain’t my kind of scent, but it smells ‘specially good tonight.

He jumped off the car and ran after it.


Ambrose took the teenaged boy’s hand and whispered in his ear, “Come with me. I want to be alone with you.”

The boy blushed. His breathing visibly sped up. “Okay.”  He sounded breathless. He let Ambrose lead him into  a darkened alley.

Ambrose gently backed him up against the alley wall.

The boy gasped.

Ambrose pressed his body against him. “You’ve seen nothing yet.” He put his mouth to the boy’s neck and bit him.

His blood rushed into the vampire’s mouth, filling it with the taste of hot fudge and whipped cream.

so hungry

tastes so good

don’t want to stop





must stop


Ambrose released him and ran his tongue along his teeth.

The boy looked at him with a confused combination of fear and adoration. “You’re a vampire.”


The boy knelt. Tears fell down his face.

Ambrose crouched. “You’re all right. I took only what I needed. You will not become a vampire like me. You’re okay.”

The boy looked up at him. “What am I supposed to do?”

“Go home. Be safe.”

“Kiss me.”

Ambrose stiffened. “What?”

“I feel so…so…I’ve never felt this way before. I mean, not for…you know. Kiss me.”

Ambrose considered it.

It’s just a kiss.

But it would be leading him on and for what? I don’t feel that way.

I don’t even want to kiss him.

I want Barbara.

“No. You should be kissed by someone who wants you. Someone who wants to kiss you. Someone who loves you. I am not that man.”

“But…but I—-”

“No.” Ambrose stood. “If I kissed you, it would be a lie. It would not be fair to you.”

The boy frowned. “So, all that hoochie-coochie ‘come on my way’ stuff was just to get at my blood?”

“Obviously. I am a vampire and I was hungry.” He smiled. “And you smell very good.” He licked his lips.

The boy seemed to think it over. He stood. “Bite me again tomorrow night.”

Tomorrow night.


It would be very convenient to not have to rush all over town trying to find someone to bite before heading to the church.

And he’s willingly offering himself to me.

Ambrose touched the whitening marks on the boy’s neck.

The boy didn’t even flinch at his touch.

If I asked him to be my blood letter, he would say yes.

And I would never have to hunt again.

Ambrose nodded. “Tomorrow night.”

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