Part 1643 – Orange Juice And Leather Pants

The tech returned with a Styrofoam cup filled almost to the top with orange juice.

Jeff smiled at her. “Thank you.”

She smiled. “The doctor will be in shortly. He’s just finishing with another case.”


She left the room.

Jeff took a sip from the cup. The orange juice was so refreshing he drank down half the cup in a series of quick gulps. “Ahh.” He set it down on the nearby wheeled tray. “I feel like I could face anything right now.”

If I were home by myself, I’d go for a jog. Or maybe I’d  call Hildreth over to do some sparring.

Speaking of which, I wonder what the dweeb is up to right now.


Hildreth took a breath and zipped up the sides of the black leather pants. He released the breath with a “hoo-boy!”

He admired his reflection in the dressing room mirror.

Oh, yeah! So much hotness happening.

He turned to the side and rubbed his bottom.

Elsie’s mind is going to catch on fire and explode. They’ll have to sew up her head with 2300 stitches and wrap it up with at least forty-five bandages.

He thought about those numbers.

Yeah. That seems about right.

He walked from one end of the dressing room to the other.

He crouched.

He knelt.

He did a high kick.

Nothing tore or split.

“Huh. Maybe I should go hunting in these. Wouldn’t that be something?” He laughed as he imagined it. “Elsie would so kill me. Kill me deader than dead.” He tapped his index finger against his lips. “I guess that means she’d somehow turn me into a zombie and kill me? Maybe?”

Billy Joel interrupted Hildreth’s musings with an exuberant, “Ohhhhh. Shoobie doo wop a—-”

Hildreth answered his phone. “Hey there, Dork.”

“Hey, Dweeb. What are you doing?”

“Buying myself some hot black leather pants so I can impress Elsie on our wedding night.”

Jeff laughed. “I think you’re trying too hard. She’s clearly hot as heck for you. I don’t think you’ll have to do anything to impress her. Just take your clothes off and that would be more than enough.”

Hildreth nodded. “True. But I want to surprise her. She apparently has something big planned for me. I want to—”

“Don’t even finish that sentence, Dweeb. I get the picture. You’re a couple of love-crazed love birds.”

Hildreth grinned. “Yep. That sounds about right.”

“Wait. Are you planning to wear leather pants under your tuxedo pants?”

“Huh. I dunno. I haven’t gotten that far in my planning. Do you think I should?”

“I wouldn’t do it if I were you.” Jeff said. “You’ll wind up with chaffing in uncomfortable areas. Save the leather pants for when you two are alone. Are you going to go with a black leather vest?”

“Ooo. That would look pretty darn hot. But I think I’ll go with a leather jacket.”

Jeff scoffed. “That sounds boring.”

“What if it’s a tight leather jacket?”

“Hm. That might work.”

Hildreth admired his reflection again. “How are things going with you and Tessa?”

“Very good. She’s starting to wake up.”

“Congratulations! How is she? What happened?”

“She moved her fingers earlier. I mean, she is still unconscious, but I have more hope than I did yesterday. My little girl is going to wake up, Hildreth. Oh! I have to go. Someone’s knocking on the door. I’ll talk to you later, Dweeb.”

“I’ll see you later, Dork.”

3 thoughts on “Part 1643 – Orange Juice And Leather Pants”

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my story over here. 🙂

      I actually have written several poems over on my other blog . That blog is kind of an inspiration free for all. I post short stories based on weird ideas that occur to me as well as stories and poems based on different writing prompts.

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