Part 1640 – Not Now. Later.

Preyuna started to head towards her room, but then she thought about it.

She headed to Caten’s office instead.

I don’t want to do this.

He’ll try to hurt me again. Probably try to choke me.

She raised her head.

But I will not be cowed by that man. No matter what he does to me.

She opened his office door and strode straight to his desk.

He smirked. “Aww, my little—”

“I changed my mind.”


“I said I changed my mind. I do not want to work as your receptionist. You’ll just have to find someone else.”

“That is true.”

She blinked quickly and tilted her head. “What did you say?”

“I said, that’s true. I thought it over while I was waiting for your safe return. My sweet and salty cupcake as a receptionist. My receptionist. Oh, it’s a lovely mental image that I can take so much pleasure in. But you are such a sharp, bitter cracker. I’m sure you’d scare away all of my clients and that would not be a good thing.”

“Oh. Then, may I go home? Mark, let me go home. Let me and my—–”

“Bored now. Too bad for you.”

“Mark, please—”

“I said, I’m bored.” He smirked. “There is a way you could alleviate some of that boredom.”


He stood and walked over to her.

“Not now. I have—-”

He grabbed Preyuna and pushed her backwards, trying to force her to lie on his desk.

“Stop! Let me go! Let me—”

Hank cleared his throat. “Oh, Great and Majestic Caten.”

Mark turned his head. “I’m a little busy over here.”

“But you have a scheduled meeting in a couple of minutes.”

Mark looked back down at her. “A couple of minutes, huh?”

Preyuna tried to squirm out of his grip, but to no avail. “Mark. Mark, please. I’ll do what you want. But not now.”

“You think you get a say in the matter?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. I do.”

“Hahahahahahahaha! Oh, you’re just tooo precious for words!” He kissed her mouth. “Unfortunately, I will have to take up your offer. I do have other business to attend to, my lettuce and kale cupcake.” Mark Caten released her and returned to his seat.

Preyuna stood up straight.

“But we will finish this ‘conversation’ later.” Caten said.

“Of course, we will.”


Dave entered the room just as Preyuna left.

She shoved him for no real reason and walked away.

He readjusted his hood.

“Hey.” Hank said softly.

Dave let out a happy squeak and hurried to his lover’s side.

Hank’s face was hidden by his mask, but the love in his eyes was so easy to see.

Oh, this man. This wonderful, delicious man. I want to leap into his arms and just smother him with licks and kisses.


He shook his head. “Not now, babe.” He brushed his fingers against Dave’s hand. “Later.”

Dave returned to his post with his heart fluttering like mad.

I wonder what he considers to be later.

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