Part 1639 – A Suicidal Preyuna??

We should have quit then and there, but we didn’t. We stayed.

Dave sighed.

And we’re still here.

He headed towards the open front door.

And, with Doll Face being in such bad shape, we’re even more stuck than ever. If Doll Face dies, Jay will need us for moral support.

I sure hope he doesn’t die. He’s just so doggone cute all the time!

Dave stepped outside.

Preyuna stood at the edge of the cliff.

He hesitated, trying to decide on the best way to approach her, just in case she was going full suicidal.

If I yell out to her, she’ll jump for sure. If I walk towards her, she’ll still jump.

He glanced back to see if Hank were coming.

No Hank.

Darn! I need to work this out on my own.

Uhh. I guess first thing…

Dave removed his mask and set it and his spiked club on the ground. He lowered his hood.

Okay! Next?

He glanced back again.

Still no Hank.

Okay. Think. How would Hank handle this situation?

If I call to her, she’ll jump.

If I make any sort of move, she’ll jump.

What can I do?

He took a deep breath and exhaled.

Okay. I think I got it.

He cleared his throat and called out, “Uhh, excuse me.”

Preyuna shot a sharp look at him.

He smiled a big, friendly smile and waved energetically. “Hi! Are you feeling suicidal?”

“What? Why would I want to kill myself?”

Dave shrugged. “I just figured you were standing over there and—”

She turned her face away from him.

Well. That didn’t quite work. But she didn’t jump. So, yay me?

He slowly walked towards her. “You really shouldn’t be standing so close to the edge. If you fell—”

“Mark Caten wouldn’t miss me. Isellta wouldn’t miss me.”

DARN! She’s waxing suicidal thoughts! What am I supposed to do?

Hank. What am I supposed to do?

“Mark Caten wants you.”

She scoffed. “Of course, he does. Any time I have a moment to stop and breathe, he’ll invariably want me. That doesn’t mean he cares about me. No one here cares about me.” She looked up at the sky. “I just want to go home.”

Dave swallowed hard.

If I run now, would I be able to stop her in time? Probably not. Must keep walking forward.

“You know. Uhh, that isn’t true. Umm. Uhhh. Your uhhh.” He brightened as he thought of something. “Your fey girlfriends here. They would be devastated if you killed yourself.”

She did a full turn around to scowl at him “Why do you keep talking about me killing myself? I swear I have no such intent. Mindless guard. I just needed to get away from him before I wound up breaking his face in half.”

Dave stopped and thought about it. “Makes sense. Are you coming back to—”

“No. Tell Caten I said no.”


She walked up to him and spread her hand on his chest. “And tell Caten that I’ve changed my mind. I have no interest in working for him.”


“Tell him I had a lapse of sanity when I accepted his job offer. I’ve regained my sanity and I feel much better now. Thank you.” She shoved him out of her way and sauntered back to the mansion.

Dave stood there for a moment, completely flummoxed. He returned to his equipment.

He picked up his mask and put it back on.

He picked up his weapon.

Dave brightened up again. “Well! I talked her out of killing herself and I got her back into the building.” He pumped his fist. “Success!”

Hank would be very proud of me.

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