Part 1633 – Jay Has One Last Cunning Plan.

Robin entered the living room and stopped in the doorway.

Isellta sat on the couch with his head bowed and his hands curled up in his lap.


The fey raised his head. His mouth was turned down. Tears shined in his eyes. He blinked and his tears fell.

Robin held out his arms. “Come to me. I’ll hold you. I’ll comfort you.” He smiled. “We’ll be fine.”

Isellta stood. “Robin.” His voice was a tremulous whisper. “My Robin.”

The vampire just couldn’t resist. He ran to him.

Isellta’s wings flared out and started to flap.

Then, Preyuna appeared in front of the young fey.

Robin stopped.

“He insisted.” Preyuna smirked. “Isellta insisted.” She ran her hands down her sides. “He insisted. Insisted.” Her hands crisscrossed her chest. “Isellta insisted insisted insistedinsistedinsisted.”

The word filled the air, blackening it. Robin tried to focus on the one he loved, but that one word was all that he saw.







“Isellta insisted.” Robin bowed his head. “Isellta insisted.”

“Robin!” Isellta’s voice broke in half. “Rooobiiiin!”

Robin knelt. “Isellta insisted.”

A strong wind came and blew the two fey far away, leaving the vampire all alone.

Robin doubled over and cried.


Isellta insisted.


Robin woke up and rubbed his teary face on Ambrose’s shirt.

Isellta insisted. Why? Why’d he insist on doin’ it with her? Why? What the heck was he thinkin’?

Why her?

Why’d it have to be her?

Why’d he go and insist on it?

Robin closed his eyes.

I wanna run to him despite it all. But what if he don’t want me? What if he’s perfectly happy with that fey witch? What if he sees me again and he don’t see anythin’ good? What if he sees nothin’ but ugliness in me?

Robin pressed his scarred face against Ambrose.

What if he just don’t want me no more?

Isellta insisted.


Ambrose sighed in his sleep.

And what’s all this about him bein’ sick? Just how sick is sick for a fey? Are we talkin’ headache, stuffy nose, what?

Jay made it sound so urgent that I come. But what if I come and he don’t want me?


I can’t just keep stayin’ away from him.

I need to see him again.

Robin thought about the Isellta in his dream.

His tearful expression.

The broken sound to his voice.

I just wanna run to him.


He insisted on her sleepin’ with him. Freakin’ insisted on it. That means he musta gone up to her and been all, “Hey, baby. How’s about we go and hook up in my room? I really, really want you like crazy.”

And how could she resist him?

How could anyone there resist him? I bet he’s been around the block over there like five or six times. I won’t be nothin’ to him but just one more.

I won’t mean anythin’ to him at all.


Please, God. Just—

Jay raised his head. His mouth dropped open in shock. Maybe it was divine intervention. Maybe not. But he realized that he hadn’t tried everything just yet.

There was one more thing he hadn’t tried.

He pulled out his cell phone and turned it back on.

He sat back on his heels as the phone ran through its usual greeting/loading up routines.

I’m so stupid. So very stupid!

How did I not think of this before?

Right, stress.

Come on. Come on. Come on. Load. Load. Load.


The main screen showed up.

He quickly went into Frequent Contacts and selected Robin’s number.

“Answer. Answer. Answer. Answer.”

It went straight to voice mail.

Jay was about to end the call.

No. I’ll leave a—-

“Hi. This is Jay again. I know you’re all bent out of shape. I know you’re hurting. I know you’re mad and all that. But please. When you get this message, call me back. I have a plan. Maybe you don’t have to come over here to wake him up. Maybe if you just talk to him. Call me back. I’ll put the phone to his ear. And you just talk to him. I know it will work. The sound of your voice will be enough to wake him up. Please. When you get this message, please call me back. You have no idea how urgent this is. Please. If you really do love that sweet kid, call me. You have my number. Call me. Please. This is Jay. I don’t know if I’ve already said that. Just call me. Please. Isellta needs you. Uhhh. Bye.”