Part 1628 – Disregarding A Summons

Preyuna listened to the water’s steady fall. She smiled as she imagined it falling in straight, parallel lines.

It’s so calming.


I am alone and it is peaceful.

She drew her long hair over her shoulder and let the shower’s water hit her back.

And it will not last.

Preyuna sighed.

It never does.

Because of him.


Mark Caten.

She closed her eyes.


If only I could get away from him.

If only I could just kill him.

She let the fantasies play out to the rhythm of the falling water.

Blood splattering in sticky, hot red.



Mark Caten afraid and cowed.

Mark Caten groveling at her feet.

So many slashes in his skin.

Blood everywhere.

On his face.

In his hair.

Running down his back and chest.

Deep gouges in his abdomen and heading downwards. Steadily, mercilessly downwards.

“Such beautiful thoughts.”

She opened her eyes.

But I do not want to forfeit my kingdom and crown for him. I will not let him have the last laugh.

She raised her head.

Her long red and silver sideburns clung to her face.

But he will come.

Robin will come.

He won’t be able to stay away.

He will keep his promise to Isellta. He’ll come running to him. I’ll catch him first.

I’ll explain the situation and Robin will understand.

He will agree and he will kill Mark Caten.

That filthy low-born will finally be dead.

She shut off the faucet and wrung out her hair.

I’ll be able to teleport back to my home. My real home. My harem.

My Nayla.

She flipped her hair over her shoulder and stepped out of the shower.

Someone knocked on the bathroom door.

“If you come in here, you will die. I will blind you and I will kill you.”

“I’m sorry, Preyuna.” Hank said. “But Caten needs to see you.”

She closed her eyes in pain.

Of course, he does.

“Tell him I’m too busy for his early morning nonsense.”

“I can’t do that. And you shouldn’t do that. You know how he is when you don’t do what he wants.”

I know far better than you, human.

“Fine. I’m coming. But I am going to get dressed first. So, please leave my bedroom.”

“Sure thing. Just hurry up.”


Hank leaned against the wall opposite of Preyuna’s door.

I left Dave alone with Caten. If he hurts Dave. If he does anything to make him upset or cry, I’ll punch him. I’ll punch him in his rotten, moldy, puckered skin face.

The door opened.

Hank quickly stood up straight.

Preyuna left the room.

“Okay! Follow me, Your Majesty.”

“I will. But first thing is first.”


She headed down the hall, away from Mark Caten’s office.

“Wait!” He ran after her and caught up to her easily. “Where the heck are you going?”

She side-glanced at him. “I am going to see Isellta. No one is going to stop me. Not you. Not your simpery significant other. Certainly not Isellta’s precious Jay.”

“But what about Caten?”

She tossed her damp hair over her shoulder. “He will just have to wait.”

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