Part 1622 – The Return To The Funorium

LM followed Carthage in silence.

I don’t want to go back.

But what can I do? Carthage needs to see him.

But I don’t want to go back to Antioch. He’ll demand that I try again and again and again. Even though he knows the consequences, he’ll keep telling me to try again.

I don’t want to.

But what can I do?

“What’s wrong with Antioch?”

LM startled. “What?”

“You said he isn’t doing all that good. What does that mean? He’s a vampire, isn’t he?”


“So, he obviously isn’t suffering any ill effects from the fire. So, what’s wrong with him?”

LM sighed. “He wants me to break his lord’s hold on his mind.”

“And the problem is…?”

“I’ve tried. I’ve tried and tried and he keeps failing to break it.” He bowed his head. “I can’t try anymore. It will destroy him.”

Carthage stopped and LM promptly bumped into him.


“So, what are you going to do?”

LM shrugged. “Nothing. There’s nothing I can do to help him.”

“There has to be—-”

“There isn’t. I’ve tried.”

Carthage scowled. “I refuse to believe that. You will try again.”

LM’s wings broke through his Capernaum guise. “You don’t understand.”

“Neither do you, half fey. He is my friend.”‘

“Then, you shouldn’t ask me to—”

“I will do as I please and you will obey me.”

“But he will go mad!”

Carthage gave him a hard, scrutinizing glare.

LM’s feathers bristled. “I can’t keep trying indefinitely. Believe me. If I could do so safely, I would. But I can’t. The magic I utilize is the same as the cloning magic. If I use it on him too many times, it will break him down. It will destroy him. He already is becoming unbalanced.”

“That may be. But you will try again.”

LM regained control over his Capernaum illusion. His wings disappeared. “It is a mistake.”

“Just one more time.”

“Fine. But only one more time. I will not do it any more than that.”

Carthage nodded. “We’ll see what happens.” He resumed walking.

LM followed him.


I wish I could make them both understand the risks. But Antioch and Carthage are both ridiculously stubborn.


LM sighed.

I am not looking forward to seeing him again.

Carthage glanced back at him. He looked at the disguised half-fey a couple of seconds too long before turning forward again.

Maybe I should turn back to my true form to make things easier for him. But there are so many people out and about. I don’t want them to stare at me. I don’t want them to touch me and grab me and yell at me.

I don’t want to be sent back to that vampire’s freak show.

LM and Carthage crossed into the bad side of town.

I don’t want to do this.

I don’t.

I want to run and leave them both behind.

I should.

If only I could teleport, I’d teleport myself to China. Let’s see him find me there.

Carthage looked at him again. “Why did you take on his form? Of all the people you’ve seen and known, why Capernaum?”

“Because he makes me feel safe.”

Carthage turned forward again. He had no response to the half-fey’s answer.

“What are you thinking, Carthage?”

He shook his head. “Nothing that I want to share with you.”

LM shrugged. “I suppose that should offend me, but I understand. I don’t always want to share my thoughts.”

Carthage had no response to that either, but LM hadn’t really expected one.


They managed to get over to the Funorium without any altercations with the local hoods and creeps.

LM and Carthage stopped in front of the burned out Institute. Neither one said a word. They stood there, lost in their own private griefs and thoughts.

Without being prompted to do so, LM changed back into his true form. He pressed his fist against his chest and bowed his head.

Carthage looked up at the sky. “I wasn’t there. I had business to attend to in another city. I wasn’t here. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t here.”

LM didn’t ask who he was talking to.

Carthage sighed and lowered his gaze back to the half-fey. “Let’s go see Antioch.”

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