Part 1614 – Jumping Subjects

The man in the gray furry suit kept walking.

She will run after me. She’ll catch up to me.

He stopped at a street corner and looked back.

She wasn’t there.

She wasn’t there and it hurt more than he expected.

He turned forward.

He smiled.

It’s all right. In time, she will change her mind.

She’ll find me. Her inner tracker will lead her to me.

Then, I might tell her who I am.

He crossed the street.

And I might tell her the truth.


Sammy returned to his office and shut the door behind him. He walked to his desk. Sat down. Unforwarded his phone. Typed in his computer password.

He stopped.

I did what I had to do to protect Ms. Addleston.


I lost control.

I wanted to burn him to death.

I almost burned him to death.

Ms. Addleston was the only thing that stopped me.

Sammy hit Enter. He watched the hourglass icon flip itself over and over as the computer considered bringing up the main screen.

Maybe I shouldn’t attend her wedding.

Maybe it will be too much for me.

Maybe I will lose control there too.


Sammy leaned back in his chair.

If Deliosa were with me, I’d stay in control.

He smiled.

It’s such short notice. I don’t even know if she has any wedding appropriate clothes. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

He reached for his work phone.

It rang.

He answered it. “Hello, this is Sammy Borscht. How can I help you?”

I’ll call her as soon as I get a chance.


Barbara ended the call and put her cell phone away. “I guess I should get back to work.”

Sarah tugged on her sleeve.

“What is it?”

Sarah hesitated.

“What’s wrong?”

Sarah pointed at herself and shook her head. She pointed at the door and shook her head again. She drew a big X in the air.

Barbara was baffled. “What?”

The young girl huffed out a silent sigh and repeated the message.

Barbara frowned. “You’re…not…? The door’s not? You’re not the door…? What the?”

Sarah slapped her hand against her forehead.

“I don’t understand.”

She repeated the message again.

Barbara gave it some deep consideration. “Oh. Are you saying that you aren’t going to chase after him?”

Sarah nodded. She pointed at herself and at Barbara.

“You’re going to stay with me?”

Another nod.

Barbara smiled. “Thank you.”


Elsie shook her head as she and Hildreth left the Mad Swami’s Coffee Crazy Place. “I don’t care if it was made with soy milk. A hot fudge sundae is not a proper or healthy breakfast.”

“Well, that’s why I asked them to toss some blueberries in there.” Hildreth linked arms with her. “Voila! Instantly healthy meal.”

Elsie smiled incredulously. “Some? You told them to toss in exactly five blueberries.”

“Of course!  See? If you put six or more blueberries into a hot fudge sundae, no. Just no. It taints the hot fudge and makes it taste stale and weird and it just ruins the whole experience.”

“But five doesn’t do that?”

“Not at all. It just gets buried under all of that glorious hot chocolate.”

“And just one more is enough to ruin it all?”


She laughed.

Hildreth grinned. “Hey! Don’t go laughing. This is scientifically proven malarkey. I got documentation and pie charts and slide ruler graphs to back me up.” He kissed the side of her head. “Hm. I hate to jump subjects, because this one is just so awesome I could go on about it for days.”


He shrugged. “I still don’t get it. If you aren’t going to wear a dress shirt, what are you going to do with it? I’ve come up with some passable theories, but—”

“Nope. No spoilers happening here, Mayhew. You’ll just have to wait.”

“Aww, man. I’m really curious too. You will tell me, right?”

Elsie hugged his arm. “Oh, will I ever.”


“Never mind.”

“Huh. And the mystery deepens.”

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