Part 1590 – Looking In Your Eyes

Elsie looked into his eyes and exhaled softly.

I’m falling so deep and I don’t want to stop. I don’t want to catch myself. I don’t want this to end.

I want him to catch me and hold me.

I want him.


I’m head over heels in love with this woman. Or maybe it’s heels over head. I don’t know.

All I know is I will never feel this way for anyone else.

Hildreth looked into her eyes and smiled.

How could I?

Who could compete with my love and memories of this beautiful, fierce woman? My warrior. My Marauder.

My Elsie.

I want her.


Hildreth lowered his hands.

My skin feels cold without his heat.

He smiled. “I’d love to be a public nuisance and just stand around here on the sidewalk and admire you. But we’re bound to be interrupted and/or offend someone with our wild and depraved public displays of affection.”

She laughed. “Wild and depraved, huh?”

“Oh, so depraved.” He took her hand and her skin heated up again. “We’d wind up spending the night in jail, eating jail food.” He sadly shook his head. “I have a mental image of what that would be like and trust me. It isn’t pleasant. The food would look bad and taste even worse. Poor, poor us.”

“More like poor, poor you. I wouldn’t eat any of it.”

Hildreth looked shocked. “What? And go to bed hungry?” He waved his finger in a disapproving gesture. “Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. I hope you don’t do that on a routine basis, Els. That isn’t healthy, especially with all of the calories you burn every night. Your body needs food or you’ll run out of energy and become some vampire’s late night snack.”

Elsie hugged him, catching him off guard. “Hildreth.” She laid her head against his chest and listened to his heart’s steady beat.

There is magic in it.

The feel of his chest’s rise and fall.

The thrum and pound of his heart.

It all makes me feel safe and secure. Nothing can hurt me. Nothing can touch me when I’m in his arms.

“Elsie. My Elsie.”

She closed her eyes.

I’m falling for this man and I’m enjoying the freeness of it.

“Hildreth, you make me feel like I can fly.”

His arms curved around her and held her close.

And, high in the lightening sky, a pair of dragons soared on their way to Pinkerlee.


Sammy and Deliosa landed in her front yard. She transformed back into her human form.

He bowed his head until it was level with her.

“Thank you, Samer.”

For what?

“For that one extra hour.”

He purred. My pleasure.

Red roses and yellow tulips sprouted out of the ground

She spread her hand on his silver crest. “You’re so beautiful.”

As are you. 

He looked into her clear amber eyes and found reason for happiness.

The red roses clustered into dense bushes of deep green leaves and vibrant red blooms.

Can I see you again tomorrow?

She smiled. “You know the answer, Samer.”


“Yes. Call me and I will come to you.” Her hand slid from the crest to the scales on his face. “I will always come flying to you.”

He bowed his head and pressed his crest against her chest. And I will come flying to you, Lee.


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