Part 1589 – “I Love You. I Want You.”

What else could she possibly do with a dress shirt?

Turn it into a patchwork quilt?

No. That would take too many shirts and that would be a ridiculous waste of money.

Make her own lingerie?

Hildreth frowned.

What? Out of a dress shirt? I don’t know about that. Seems like it wouldn’t be enough material.

But how much material does something like that really need? Huh. I guess she could buy an extra large. That should be sufficient.

Hildreth tried to visualize an extra large dress shirt.

Maybe an XXL would give her enough material to work with. But…

He sighed.

Such unprovocative material.

“So, Els. This whole dress shirt thing…Is this something I’ll find out about in two days?”

Elsie smiled. “And then some.”

HUH? Does that mean I’m right?


He cleared his throat. “You know, if you’re getting a dress shirt, you should get a really nice one. You know, a silky one in some sort of jewel tone. Personally, I’d prefer a rich red or a royal blue.”

“Huh? Why would I do that?”

“Well.” The question flummoxed him. “Why not? It would be pretty.”

Her smile grew. “It would. But it doesn’t need to be pretty. Plain white cotton is good enough.”

This hurts my heart a little. Maybe she plans to bedazzle it?

Hildreth couldn’t help but grin as he imagined her with a Bedazzler.

Aww, my Elsie being all cute and domestic.

She released his hand and ran her fingers through his hair. “Are you getting lost in your thoughts, Mayhew?”

“Just a little.”

“Do I even want to know what’s going on inside that brain of yours?”

“Right now? Probably not.”

“Then, I won’t ask.”

Hildreth nodded. “I’m thinking that’s a good thing.”


Elsie watched Hildreth as he walked beside her.

The way he held himself.

The way he moved.

Every little move.

I want to touch him.

I want to run my hands all over him. I want to know where he likes being touched, which spots turn him on, if he has any no touch zones, if he has any ticklish spots.

I want to feel his hands all over my skin. Touching me. Caressing me. Loving me.

I want to feel his breath on me. The movement of his ribs against mine. How it speeds up as I lead him into ecstasy.

I want him. All of him. His good. His bad. His handsome. His ugly. Even his jealousy.

I want it all.

Hildreth side-glanced at her. “You got some steam coming out of your ears, Vansing. Do I wanna know what you’re thinking?”


“Oh? Will you tell me?”

She looked at his face and drank down every detail.

His jawline.

His chin.

His mouth.

His nose.

His eyelashes.

His green-blue eyes.

His eyebrows.

His forehead.

His light brown hair.

She opened her mouth and the words spilled out, “I love you. I want you. I need you. Don’t you ever leave me. You hear me, Hildreth Mayhew? Don’t leave me.”


The way he looks at me.

The way he says my name.

“I want you every day and every night. I want you. I want to marry you and live happily ever after with you. No matter how long that happily ever after may last, I want it.”

His smile.

His laugh.

“We are hunters. Anything can happen. Maybe our happily ever will be only a couple of days. Maybe it will be forty, fifty years. Doesn’t matter. I want it.”

The crazy things he likes to eat.

The way he encourages me to eat things I would never eat on my own.

“I want you. Just you. Not anyone else. Never anyone else. Just you, Hildreth. I want to carry your children. I want to live in your house. ”

A soft smile spread across his face, but he didn’t interrupt her.

“I want to share your bed and your love. I want to show you with everything that I am that I love you, because I do. I love you, Hildreth Mayhew.”

He stopped walking.

“No matter how long we are married, I will always love you. Ambrose Smith will never steal me away from you. No matter what.”

Hildreth cupped her face in between his hands and kissed her. “I love you too, Elsie baby.” He opened his eyes. “No matter what.”

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