Part 1586 – Temptation And A Message From Ambrose

Ambrose yawned as he stretched. His hoodie hitched up a little, exposing a narrow band of skin.

Robin quickly looked down at the bed.

I don’t need to be gettin’ no kinked up thoughts about Ambrose. What would be the point in it? He has Barbara and, even if he didn’t have her, he’s totally straight.

No point in gettin’ myself all steamed up about him.

“mmnn. It’s getting late.” Ambrose patted Robin’s back. “Go to sleep.” He headed towards the door.

“Am’rose. Wait.” Robin raised his head. “Could you stay in here with me?”

The older vampire stopped and turned around.

“Please. Sleep with me. I don’t wanna be alone.”

Ambrose seemed to think about it for a few minutes before returning to the bed. “Okay. But no freaky touching or freaky anything.”

“Duh. I ain’t stupid.” Robin crawled to the head of the bed and covered up. He rolled over on his side, facing away from the other vampire.

Ambrose shuffled the blankets aside.

Robin closed his eyes and tried his best to ignore the fluttering in his stomach as Ambrose laid down beside him.

I don’t want him.

I want Isellta. My pretty, sweet Isellta.

Even if he don’t want me.

I can’t help it.

If Isellta were here instead of Ambrose…

Ambrose wrapped his arms around Robin’s waist and pulled him into a hug.

Robin caught his breath as the fluttering headed downwards. He tried not to think about Isellta lying behind him and holding him just like that.

The fluttering turned into a full crazed riot.

Robin lay as still as he could, but the muscles in his legs twitched and trembled.

I want him.

I want Isellta to be with me. Just like this.

And somethin’ a whole lot more.


Four times.

Four times with her and who knows how many times with this new guy of his.

His body calmed down.

Who knows how many other guys there’s been? He’s so lovely. I’m sure there’s been a whole crowd. I bet he has his own freakin’ harem.

I bet he has a whole waitin’ list of people who wanna join up with him.

I bet he’s forgotten all about me.

Why wouldn’t he?

Why would he bother rememberin’ the one guy who never had anythin’ good to say to him? The one who always pushed him away?

Why would he remember me?

Why would he want damaged, ruined me?

Why would he love me?

Ambrose sighed. “Go to sleep, Robin.”

Don’t matter why.

I still love him.

Robin leaned back against Ambrose.

I sure wish ‘sellta loved me too.


Robin relaxed in Ambrose’s arms. His breathing mellowed into a sleep pattern.

Isellta has slept with Preyuna four times.

Four times.

I’ve done it far more times than that with other women. Barbara knows and she still wants me.

Ambrose rested his chin on Robin’s shoulder.

Robin, can you let it go? He loves you. I know he does. I have no idea why he’s with Preyuna, but I know. I know he loves you.

Robin sighed.

What can I do to help?

He closed his eyes.

What can I do?


He opened his eyes.

His pupils widened.

I could call Jay and demand answers.

He released Robin and sat up.

Robin’s phone was lying on the bed, just within reach.

Ambrose leaned forward and picked it up.

The flat screen was dark.

Darn. How do I turn this thing on?

He hesitated a moment.


He shook it hard a couple of times.

The screen came on.


“Ahh, shoot!”

He shook it again.

Nothing changed.

The screen remained upside down.

He shrugged. “Well. At least it’s on. Now. To get to his contacts…”


It took a lot of trial, a lot of errors, three thousand curse words, and forty-nine dire threats for Ambrose to find the Recent Calls menu.

“So much trouble.”  He frowned at the long list of phone numbers. “I guess I’ll go with the one on top?” He tapped the top number.

A drop down menu appeared.

Remember Number?
Forget Number?
Call Number?

He tapped Call and put the phone to his ear.

The phone rang.

“Come on. Answer it. Answer it. Answer it.”

It went to voicemail.

Ambrose resisted the urge to throw the phone at the wall. “Hi. You don’t know me, but my name is Ambrose Smith. I am friends with Robin. I believe you do know him. I know that you’ve been trying to convince Robin to come to your side of town for Isellta’s sake. That’s all lovely and grand, but I have questions. Please call me back at this number.” He thought about it. “Whatever this number is. It should show up in your Call History. If you have a Call History. I don’t know.”

He sighed. “I don’t know why modern phones have to be so complicated. Why can’t they all be nice and simple like my flip phone? Why? Sorry. I’m tired. I’m going back to bed, but please call me. I need to talk to you. Thanks. Bye. Uhh? How do I end this call? Uhhh. oh. Look at that. An End key. I’ll press that. Bye.”


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