Part 1582 – Mark Caten Will Die.

They rejected my offer.

They both rejected my offer!

Incandesca pulled out all of her cigarettes and crumpled them into an unfiltered mess. “AAAAHHHH!” She pounded her fist on the table until her water glass toppled over.

The other customers gave her uneasy looks. Five of the customers pulled out their phones and recorded her meltdown. Three of them uploaded the video to Facebook. The other two put it up on YouTube.

She set her fist on the table and seethed.

I’ll show them.

I’ll come up with a brilliant revenge plan and they will suffer.

I will make them both suffer for rejecting me and my brilliant plan.

She snapped her fingers. “Gorg!”

“Yes, Master?”

“Cigarettes. Now.”

He pulled out a slightly smushed box of cigarettes from his back pocket and gave it to her.

She pulled one out and slowly munched it down.


They will both regret the day they told me no.

She swallowed her mouthful of tobacco.

I’ll have to include Ambrose Smith in my revenge plan.

He needs to suffer too.

And Caten. Mark Caten. My handsome, delectable Mark Caten. Mark Caten who I love. Mark Caten who I adore. Mark Caten who I want to DESTROY!

She smiled and pulled out another cigarette.

“Yes. He will suffer and die too.”

And I will be able to sleep well at night.


Mark Caten added some finishing touches. “There. There. Annnnnd there.” He sat back and smiled smugly at his drawing. “I must say this is one of my best.”

Preyuna stood and put her clothes back on. “Do I even want to see what sort of perversion you’ve drawn me into?”

“Oh, you do. Trust me. It’s a masterpiece.”

Preyuna tossed her hair over her shoulder and looked down at the drawing.

Her heart stopped.

Mark Caten had drawn her and Isellta. She held the fey pinned to a nondescript mattress. Her hands were tight around his wrists. Her naked body straddled him. His shirt was unbuttoned and spread open. His slacks unzipped.

Isellta looked up at her with terror in his eyes. His mouth tilted downwards. Tears spilled down his face. His wings stretched out in unmistakable panic.

“Wonderful, isn’t it?”

Preyuna looked up at him. “What is this? Your idea of a joke?”

“What? No. This is a masterpiece. Look.” He traced the outline of Isellta’s eyes with his fingertip. “You can see it. The panic. The raw fear. It’s there. Right there in his eyes, in the line of his mouth, in the slight flare of his nostrils. It’s all there.”

“Why? Why would you draw me like this? I don’t understand. There are so many other poses you could have done. So many—-”

“This is the one that sparked my mind, cupcake. I wanted to see if I could do the emotion of the moment proper justice. If I could capture the pure terror in his eyes. I did a masterful job. Simply masterful. Look at him. You can almost hear him whimpering. Any moment now he will open his mouth and beg you to let him go.”

She snatched the paper from him, crumpled it up into a ball, and threw it to the other side of the room.


“You’re sick. Sick, perverted, and depraved. There is something truly wrong with your mind that you would think that this is something worth drawing.”

Mark Caten retrieved the paper and did his best to smooth out the wrinkles. “Would you have preferred if I had drawn you and me instead? I could do that if you want. I’d love to draw you looking helpless and submissive.” He gave her a cold look. “Especially right now.”

Her eyes turned white. “Get out of my room or I will throw you out.”

He grabbed her throat. “One of these days, it will happen. I will break you completely. You’ll spend all of your days groveling worshipfully at my feet.” He tightened his grip. “You won’t think of leaving me. You’ll forget about your boy band back home. You’ll want only me.”

‘That will never happen, you vreh hrr zahn.”

Mark Caten smirked. “We’ll see, cupcake.” He yanked her forward.

She kept her eyes open as he kissed her.

I will never yield to him.

I will never grovel and bend for him.

I am Lady Queen Preyuna of the Fey.

She closed her eyes and returned his kiss.

On Sunday, Robin will come and Mark will die.

Mark Caten will finally die.

And we will all be free.


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