Part 1576 – “All Mine!”

The nae bi sha panted against Isellta’s skin.

He’s helpless.

All I have to do is bite a little harder.

Dig my teeth in a little deeper.




But that first deep, hard bite will startle him awake.

And he will know.

He’ll know I’m not his precious Robin.

The jig will be up.

He’ll destroy me for tricking him.

The creature released his hold on Isellta’s neck. He stroked the soft, almost transparent feathers at the base of the fey’s throat.

She would have enjoyed this one.

Isellta moaned soft, single notes.

The feel of his skin.

His scent.

Watching him weaken.

Breaking him down.

Splitting him up.

We would have fought over his liver.

We always fought over the livers.

Every time.

At every meal.

We won’t fight over it anymore.

It will all be mine.

The nae bi sha’s hand slid from Isellta’s neck down to his navel.

Every little bit of him will be mine.

His fingers transformed into claws.

I’ll miss having that fight with her.

I miss her.


The nae bi sha looked up.

A small star glimmered in the dark.


The nae bi sha snarled at the star. “He’s mine.” He crawled on top of Isellta and straddled him. “MINE.”

He bit Isellta’s neck again and the fey stayed unconscious.




Robin’s pupils widened at the unfamiliar male voice.

“What the…?”

Isellta’s mine.


Robin frowned. Who the heck are you?

There was no response.

‘sellta? You there?

No response at all.

Isellta is mine. My own pretty fey. He loves me. Not you. He’s here with me, lying so happily under me. He doesn’t want you anymore. Just me.

Robin scowled.

What a freakin’ load of hooey! Isellta! Isellta, speak to me! Say somethin’.

Isellta didn’t respond.


Not one word.

You’re wasting brain power. Isellta is sleeping now. I gave him a good workout, if you know what I mean.

Robin could feel the blood drain from his face.


This is it.

He’s moved on to someone else.

He don’t want me.

My ‘sellta don’t want me.

He laughed – a hurting sort of laugh. “Guess it’s a good thing I didn’t go runnin’ there tonight. He woulda laughed at me and called me pathetic. And…and he’d be right. I can’t believe I thought…I believed someone as lovely as him could want me. Why would he want me?”

Robin curled up on the bed and cried softly.


Why does this hurt so freakin’ much?


The nae bi sha smiled as the small star’s glimmer died.


Isellta’s all mine, Robin.


Ambrose hummed Disney’s “Once Upon A Dream as he separated his clothes from Robin’s clothes.

He tossed one last t-shirt into Robin’s basket and carried the clean laundry to the other vampire’s room. The door wasn’t closed all the way. So, he nudged it open and entered the room.

“Hey. Here’s your…”

Robin was all curled up on his bed, crying.

“Hey.” He set the basket on the floor and sat on the bed. “What’s wrong?”

Robin raised his head. His face was a tear-streaked disaster. He embraced the older vampire and cried against his chest.

Ambrose rubbed his back. “When you’re ready to talk about it, tell me.”



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